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ASTM B545-97 pdf free.Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Tin.
Test Method B 602 contains four sampling plans, three for use with teststhat are non-destructive and one for use when they are destructive.Thebuyer and seller may agree on the plan or plans to be used. If they do not,Test Method B 602 identifies the plan to be used.
Guide B 697 provides a large number of plans and also providesguidance in the selection of a plan. When Guide B 697 is specified, thebuyer and seller must agree on the plan to be used.Test Method B 762 can be used only for coating requirements that havea numerical limit,such as coating thickness. The test must yield anumerical value,and certain statistical requirements must be met. TestMethod B 762 contains several plans and also provides instructions forcalculating plans to meet special needs.The buyer and seller may agree onthe plan or plans to be used. If they do not,Test Method B 762 identifiesthe plan to be used.An inspection lot shall be defined as a collection ofcoated articles that meet the following requirements: they areof the same kind; have been produced to the same specifica-tions; have been coated by a single supplier at one time, or atapproximately the same time, under essentially identical con-ditions; and are submitted for acceptance or rejection as agroup.It may be preferable to usespecial test specimens to represent product in process controlor in acceptance inspection when,for example,destructivetests are used and it is desirable not to destroy product or if thetest specimen is better adapted to the test.The use of specialtest specimens, their number, the material from which they aremade, their size and shape, and the conditions of their coatingshall be as agreed upon by the purchaser and the seller.When Methods B 504 and B 568 are used with tinplatings that have been alloyed with more than 0.5 % of lead,bismuth, or antimony to reduce whiskering (see X6.3.2.5), thestandard shall have the same composition as the coating. WhenTest Method B 567 is used to measure these types of coatings,the measuring instrument shall be calibrated with thicknessstandards that have the same substrate and same compositionof coating as the product.If the entire surface of the article isa significant surface,the mean thickness can also be deter-mined by the method described in Appendix X1.Also see Note5.ASTM B545 pdf download.

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