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ASTM B520-93 pdf free.Standard Specification for Tin-Coated, Copper-Clad Steel Wire for Electronic Application.
Packaging Conformance to the packaging require-ments specified by the purchaser shall be determined inaccordance with Table 6. The number of units in the sampleshowing conformance to the requirements shall not exceed theallowable defect number c, in Table 6. Failure to meet thisrequirement shall constitute failure to meet the packagingconformance criterion.
For the purpose of calculating mass, cross section, etc.,the density of the wire shall be taken as 0.29444 1b/in.3(8.15g/cm’) at 20°C for the material covered by this specification.Inspection.All tests and inspections shall be made at theplace of manufacture unless otherwise agreed upon betweenthe manufacturer and the purchaser at the time of the purchase.The manufacturer shall afford the inspector representing thepurchaser all reasonable facilities necessary to ensure that thematerial is being furnished in accordance with this specifica-tion (Note 4).Unless otherwise agreed to between the manufacturerand the purchaser,conformance of the wire to the variousrequirements listed in Section 5,shall be determined onsamples taken from each lot of wire presented for acceptance.The manufacturer shall, if requested prior to inspec-tion,certify that all wire in the lot was made under suchconditions that the product as a whole conforms to therequirements of this specification as determined by regularlymade and recorded tests.
A lot is any amount of wire of one class and sizepresented for acceptance at one time, such amount, however,not to exceed 10 000 lb (4500 kg) (Note 6).
A sample is a quantity of production unit(coils,reels,etc.) selected at random from the lot for thpurpose of determining conformance of the lot to the requirements of this specification.
A specimen is a length of wire removefor test purposes from any individual production unit of thesample.
The number of production units insample (Note 5) shall be as follows:For tensile strength, elongation, resistivity, and adherence of coating, the sample shall consist of four productiounits (Note 7). For surface finish the sampling shall be iaccordance with Table 6.From each unit, one test specimen osufficient length shall be removed for the performance orequired tests.ASTM B520 pdf download.

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