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ASTM B505/B505M-02 pdf free.Standard Specification for Copper Alloy Continuous Castings.
These specification limits do not preclude the presenceof other elements. Limits may be established and analysisrequired for unnamed elements agreed upon between themanufacturer or supplier and the purchaser. Copper or zincmay be given as remainder and may be taken as the differencebetween the sum of all elements analyzed and 100 %. When allnamed elements in Table 10 are analyzed, their sum shall be asspecified in Table 11.
It is recognized that residual elements may be present incast copper-base alloys. Analysis shall be made for residualelements only when specified in the purchase order.Reference should be made to Table 9 for minimummechanical requirements.Mechanical tests are required only when specified by thepurchaser in the purchase order.Exceptions to mechanical property requirements may betaken in the case of small diameter solids or castings havingsection thicknesses less than the 1/-in. (12.7-mm) diameter ofthe standard tension test specimen. In these cases,mechanicalproperty requirements shall be subject to agreement betweenthe purchaser and the manufacturer. For suggested dimensionsof substandard test bars, see Test Methods E 8.
When specified in the purchase order to meet ASMEBoiler and Pressure Vessel Code requirements,continuouscastings shall comply with the following:Certification requirements of Specification B 824.9.1.2 Foundry test report requirements of SpecificationB824.Continuous castings shall be marked with the manu-facturer’s name, the Copper Alloy UNS No., and the casting quality factor. In addition, heat numbers, or serial numbers thatare traceable to heat numbers,shall be marked on all pressure-containing castings individually weighing 50 lb (22.7 kg) ormore.Pressure-containing castings weighing less than 50 1b(22.7 kg) shall be marked with either the heat number or aserial number that will identify the casting as to the month inwhich it was poured. Marking shall be in such a position as notto injure the usefulness of the casting.
When Copper Alloy UNS No.C95200 is specified tomeet ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code requirements, asample from each 2000-lb interval or continuous casting shallbe tested.Each continuous casting from which the test bar wastaken shall be identified should retesting be required. If all ofthe test bars from the initial sampling meet the requirements,the lot shall be acceptable. The fractured bars shall be retainedfor chemical verification.
Allowance for finishing over maximum outside dimen-sion and under inside dimension of round tubes to be machinedshall be as shown in Table 3. Allowances for finishing theoutside diameter of rounds and distance between parallelsurfaces of bars to be machined shall be as shown in Table 4.Table 3 and Table 4 are to be used in conjunction withTolerance Table 6 and Table 5, respectively.All Alloys Except as Noted in 10.2.2——The outsideperiphery of continuously cast tubing shall be concentric withthe bore within a permissible variation of 2 % of the nominalwall thickness over 1/4 in. (6.35 mm). If the wall thickness is 1/4in. or less,permissible variations in concentricity shall besubject to agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer.ASTM B505 pdf download.

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