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ASTM B495-01 pdf free.Standard Specification for Zirconium and Zirconium Alloy Ingots.
Use an acceptance standardcontaining a minimum of three holes,each 0.093 in. indiameter, at locations approximating the center, the mid-radius,and within 10 % of the back surface. If an indication greaterthan the indication from the 0.093-in. hole at the nearestapproximate depth is observed, remove the ingot defect. Notethat the mid-radius hole can represent both the /4 and 3/4diameter depths. If the back reflection is between 50 and 95 %,increase the gain to bring the back reflection up to 100° andinspect the trace indication to observe any internal reflectionsgreater than the indication from the reference standard.Again,remove such defects. Following such amplitude adjustmentand inspection, recalibrate the search unit on the test block tocontinue testing.A maximum of 10° of the length of the ingotmay consist of nonparallel sides such that the back reflection isnot at least 50 %, provided each increment is not more than 3in. (75 mm) in length and each increment is separated by anincrement at least 3 in. long in which the back reflection is aminimum of 50 % when calibrated in accordance with Chemical Tests——Conduct the chemical analysis by thestandard techniques normally used by the manufacturer.The manufacturer shall inspect the material covered bythis specification prior to shipment and,on request,shallfurnish the purchaser with certificates of test.If so specified inthe purchase order,the purchaser or his representative maywitness the testing and inspection of the material at the place ofmanufacture. In such cases, the purchaser shall state in hispurchase order which tests he desires to witness.The manu-facturer shall give ample notice to the purchaser as to the timeand place of the designated tests.If the purchaser’s represen-tative does not present himself at the time agreed upon for thetesting, the manufacturer shall consider the requirement for thepurchaser’s inspection at the place of manufacture to bewaived.
The manufacturer shall afford the inspector represent-ing the purchaser,without charge,all reasonable facilities to satisfy him that the material is being furnished in accordancewith this specification.This inspection shall be so conducted asnot to interfere unnecessarily with the operation of the works.ASTM B495 pdf download.

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