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ASTM B491/B491M-00 pdf free.Standard Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Extruded Round Tubes for General-Purpose Applications.
Unless otherwise specified, the tubes shall be suppliedin the mill finish and shall be uniform as defined by therequirements of this specification and shall be commerciallysound.Any requirement not so covered is subject to negotia-tion between the producer and purchaser.
Each tube shall be examined to determine conformanceto this specification with respect to general quality and identi-fication marking. On approval of the purchaser however, theproducer or supplier may use a system of statistical qualitycontrol for such examinations.If the purchaser desires that his representative inspector witness the inspection and testing of the material prior toshipment,such agreement shall be made by the purchaser andproducer as part of the purchase contract. When such inspection or witness of inspection andtesting is agreed upon, the producer shall afford the purchaser’srepresentative all reasonable facilities to satisfy him that thematerial meets the requirements of this specification. Inspec-tion and tests shall be conducted so there is no unnecessaryinterference with the producer’s operations. If any material fails to conform to all of the applicablerequirements of this specification, it shall be cause for rejectionof the inspection lot. When there is evidence that a failed specimen was notrepresentative of the inspection lot and when no other samplingplan is provided or approved by the purchaser through the contract or purchaser order, at least two additional specimensshall be selected to replace each test specimen that failed.Al1specimens so selected for retest shall meet the requirements ofthe specification or the lot shall be subject to rejection.Material in which defects are discovered subsequent toinspection may be rejected.If material is rejected by the purchaser, the producer orsupplier is responsible only for replacement of material to thepurchaser. As much as possible of the rejected material shall bereturned to the producer or supplier.The producer or supplier shall, on request,furnish tothe purchaser a certificate stating that the material has beensampled,tested, and inspected in accordance with this speci-fication, and has met the requirements.When specified on the purchase order or contract,allmaterial shall be marked in accordance with Practice B666[B 666M].Unless otherwise specified in the contract or purchaseorder,the material shall be packaged to provide adequateprotection during normal handling and transportation. Eachpackage shall contain only one size alloy,and temper ofmaterial unless otherwise agreed. The type of packing andgross weight of containers shall, unless otherwise agreed, be atthe producer’s discretion, provided they are such as to ensureacceptance by common or other carriers for safe transportationat the lowest rate to the delivery point.ASTM B491 pdf download.

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