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ASTM B479-00 pdf free.Standard Specification for Annealed Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Foil for Flexible Barrier, Food Contact, and Other Applications.
Rolls shall be wound firmly on the cores so as toprevent slipping or telescoping and to permit free unwindingwithout sticking or tearing. The permissible number of splicesshall be in accordance with Table 4. Necessary splices shall befoil tape, electric weld, ultrasonic, plastic tape, or mechanicallyknurled.Foil shall be tested for surface condition by spraying,as from a squeeze bottle, a continuous line of distilled water ordistilled wateralcohol mixture across the web of foil inclined30° from horizontal.Foil dryness is categorized by the distilledwater or water-alcohol mixture that will support a continuousunbroken line of water or mixture across the web of the foil for2 seconds (the unbroken line is the top of the band of water or mixture across the web).To ensure an acceptable water-alcoholmixture the alcohol denaturant shall be methanol (Formula30—10 parts of ethyl alcohol and one part methanol byvolume) or equivalent.Test dryness 100/0 foil shall sup-port a continuous unbroken line using 100 % distilled water.Alternatively,dry annealed (100/0) foil may be tested by adistilled water drop test in which case the drops shall spreadevenly into a thin film.Test dryness 90/10 foil shallsupport a continuous unbroken line using 90 %distilledwater-10 % alcohol mixture.Test dryness 80/20 foil shallsupport a continuous unbroken line using 80 %distilledwater-20 % alcohol mixture.Slick Annealed foil shall exhibit no areas wettableby a distilled water drop test,that is, the drops will remain asspherical drops.Foils with an intended end use in food processing, foodpackaging,and food preservation,shall be produced withrolling lubricants which meet FDA9and religious dietaryrequirements for such applications.If special statistical methods are to be used for visual ordimensional inspection, or both, the lot size shall be expressedby the number of sheets or rolls of the same size ordered.Samples for rolls shall be taken from the end of each rollselected for inspection. Samples used for dimensional inspection also may be used for visual inspection. The samplingprocedures found in ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 shall be used.
Mullen bursting strength of foil 0.0008 in.(0.02 mm)and over in thickness shall be as specified in Table 5.ASTM B479 pdf download.

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