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ASTM B465-04 pdf free.Standard Specification for Copper-Iron Alloy Plate, Sheet, Strip, and Rolled Bar.
No grain size requirements have beenestablished for tempers O50,O60,and O61; however,theproduct material shall be fully recrystallized when examined inaccordance with Test Methods E 112.Physical Property Requirements10.1 Electrical Resistivity Requirement:The product furnished shall conform to the requirements of Table 2 for the Copper UNS No. designation andtemper specified in the ordering information when determinedin accordance with Test Method B 193.Products produced in temper O60 from CopperAlloy UNS No.C19400 are not required to conform with theresistivity requirement of Table 2.Mechanical Property Requirements11.1 Tensile Requirements:The product furnished shall conform to the require-ments prescribed in Table 3 for the Copper Alloy UNS No.designation and temper specified in the ordering informationwhen subjected to test in accordance with Test Methods E Refer to Table X1.1, Appendix X1 for SI equiva-lents for tensile strength.The approximate Rockwell val-ues given in Table 3 are for general information and assistancein testing and shall not be used as a basis for rejection.
When identified in the contract or purchase order,asproduct purchased for agencies of the U.S. Government,itshall conform to the special government requirements stipu-lated in the Supplemental Requirements given in SpecificationB 248.
Since no recognized test method is known to bepublished, the determination of magnesium shall be subject toagreement between the manufacturer or supplier and thepurchaser.Test method(s) used for the determination of ele-ment(s) required by contractual or purchase order agreementshall be as agreed upon between the manufacture and thepurchaser. Test methods for all other properties are given inSpecification B 248.
The material shall conform to the requirements pre-scribed in Table 1 for the Copper Alloy UNS No. designationspecified in the ordering information.
These composition limits do not preclude the presenceof other elements. Limits may be established and analysisrequired for unnamed elements by agreement between themanufacturer and the purchaser.Copper, when specified as the remainder, may be takenas the difference between the sum of results for specifiedelements and 100 %. When all elements listed in Table 1 for the designatedalloy are determined,the sum of results shall be 99.8 %minimum.ASTM B465 pdf download.

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