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ASTM B427-02 pdf free.Standard Specification for Gear Bronze Alloy Castings.
The castings shall conform to the requirements as tochemical composition prescribed in Table 2.These specification limits do not preclude the presenceof other elements. Limits may be established by agreementbetween manufacturer or supplier and purchaser for theseunnamed elements.Copper may be given as remainder andmay be taken as the difference between the sum of all elementsanalyzed and 100 %. When all the named elements in Table 2are analyzed, their sum shall be as specified in Table 3.5. Mechanical Properties Mechanical properties shall be determined from sepa-rately cast test bar castings and shall meet the requirementsshown in Table 4.Dimensions,Weights, and Permissible Variations:Variations in dimensions and weights shall be as agreedupon between the producer and the consumer but shall not bemore than 3 % in the ascast condition.
The manufacturer shall not be responsible for thedimensional accuracy of patterns or molds furnished by thepurchaser.
The castings shall not be repaired, plugged, welded, orburned-in without the written approval of the purchaser. General Requirements:Material furnished under this specification shall con-form to the applicable requirements of Specification B 824.9.Sampling
Test bar casting representing sand castings in the CopperAlloy UNS Nos. under this specification shall be cast to theform and dimensions shown in Figs. 2,Figs. 3, or Figs. 4 ofPractice B 208.Test bar castings representing castings produced in chillmolds of metal or graphite may be cast in open keelblockmolds of the same material as the molds used for the castings.9.3 Separate centrifugally cast test bars shall be made inaccordance with Practice B 208.At the manufacturer’s option test bar specimens may beremoved from centrifugal castings instead of separate centrifu-gally cast test coupons (9.3).
Number of Tests:One Brinell hardness reading shall be made for each lotof castings.Brinell readings shall be taken on the grip end of thetension test bar,at or within 1 in.(25.4 mm) of the castingoutside diameter,or as indicated on the purchaser’s drawingand shall be made in accordance with Test Method E.In the case of a product manufactured in advance andsupplied for sale from stock by the manufacturer,jobber orother dealer, the product may upon request of the purchaser becertified by the manufacturer as conforming to this specifica-tion subject to the following procedure. Not less than twotension tests,and two hardness tests, from different heats, andnot less than one chemical analysis shall be made by themanufacturer from each day’s melt. Records of the tension testresults, hardness, and chemical analysis shall be systematicallymade and maintained and shall be the basis for certification. Inlieu of the manufacturer’s certification and upon writtenrequest by the purchaser, these records may be examined on themanufacturer’s premises by the purchaser or his accreditedrepresentative.ASTM B427 pdf download.

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