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ASTM B409-01 pdf free.Standard Specification for Nickel-Iron-Chromium Alloy Plate, Sheet, and Strip.
There shall be no flatness requirements for“deepdrawing quality?’ and“spinning quality”‘ sheet and strip (seeX1.1.3).
Standard flatness tolerances for plate shall conform tothe requirements of Table 12.”Specially-flattened” plate whenso specified, shall have permissible variations in flatness asagreed upon between the manufacturer and the purchaser.9. Workmanship,Finish, and Appearance
The material shall be uniform in quality and temper,smooth,commercially straight or flat,and free of injuriousimperfections.A lot for chemical analysis shall consist of one heat.10.1.2 A lot for mechanical properties, hardness and grainsize testing shall consist of all material from the same heat,nominal thickness, and condition (temper).Where material cannot be identified by heat, a lotshall consist of not more than 500 1b (227 kg) of material in thesame thickness and condition, except for plates weighing over500 1b, in which case only one specimen shall be taken. Test Material Selection:Representative samples shall betaken during pouring or subsequent processing. Product (check) analysis shall be wholly the re-sponsibility of the purchaser.Mechanical Properties,Hardness, and Grain Size—Samples of the material to provide test specimens for mechanical properties, hardness, and grain size shall be taken from suchlocations in each lot as to be representative of that lot.Chemical Analysis—One test per lot.One test per lot.One test per lot.(Required only as specified in Table 4.).One test per lot.(Required only as speci-fied in 7.2 and in Table 4.)
Tension test specimens shall be taken from material inthe final condition (temper) and tested transverse to thedirection of rolling when width will permit.Tension test specimens shall be any of the standard orsubsize specimens shown in Test Methods E 8.
In the event of disagreement,referee specimens shallbe as follows: Full thickness of the material, machined to the formand dimensions shown for the sheet-type specimen in TestMethods E 8 for material under 1/2in. (12.7 mm) in thickness.12.3.2 The largest possible round specimen shown in TestMethods E 8 for material 1/ in. (12.7 mm) and over.ASTM B409 pdf download.

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