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ASTM B393-03 pdf free.Standard Specification for Niobium and Niobium Alloy Strip, Sheet, and Plate.
In case of a failure, retest two additional specimens.If both retest specimens conform to this specification,discardthe original values and consider the material acceptable;otherwise, the lot shall be rejected or reworked and tested.12.4 Rework—If the results of the final sheet, strip, or plateinspections are not in conformance with the requirements ofthis specification, the lot may be reworked at the option of themanufacturer. The lot shall be acceptable if the results of alltests,after reworking, conform to this specification.For the purposes of determining compliance with thespecified limits for requirements of the properties listed in thisspecification, an observed value or a calculated value shall berounded as indicated in accordance with the rounding methodof Practice E 29.Tension Test Conduct tension tests in accordancewith Test Methods E 8. Determine the yield strength by the0.2 % offset method. Small size,1-in. (25.4-mm) gage lengthspecimens proportional to the standard specimen can be used.Determine tensile properties using a strain rate of 0.003 to0.007 in./in. min (mm/mm-min) through the yield point. Afterthe yield strength has been exceeded, increase the cross-headspeed to approximately 0.02 to 0.05 in./ in. min (mm/mm·min)to failure.If so specified on the purchase order, the purchaser orhis representative may witness the testing and inspection of thematerial at the place of manufacture. In such cases,thepurchaser shall state in his purchase order which tests hedesires to witness. The manufacturer shall give ample notice tothe purchaser as to the time and place of the designated test. Ifthe purchaser’s representative does not present himself at theagrecd-upon time for the testing, and if no new datc is sct, the manufacturer shall consider the requirement for purchaser’sinspection at the place of manufacture to be waived. When theinspector representing the purchaser does appear at the ap-pointed place and time, the manufacturer shall afford him allreasonable facilities to see that the material is being furnishedin accordance with this specification. This inspection shall beconducted so as not to interfere unnecessarily with productionoperations.Material that fails to conform to the requirements ofthis specification may be rejected. Rejection should be reportedto the producer or supplier promptly and in writing. In case ofdissatisfaction with the results of the test,the producer orsupplier may make claim for a rehearing.In the event of disagreement between the manufacturerand the purchaser about the conformance of the material to therequirements of this specification or any special test specifiedby the purchaser, a mutually acceptable referee shall performthe tests in question. The results of the referee’s testing shall beused in determining conformance of the material to thisspecification. When specified in the purchase order or contract,aproducer’s or supplier’s certification that the material wasmanufactured,sampled,tested, and inspected in accordancewith this specification and found to meet the requirements shallbe furnished to the purchaser. When specified in the purchaseorder or contract, a report of the test results shall be furnished.ASTM B393 pdf download.

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