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ASTM A849–00 pdf free.Standard Specification for Post-Applied Coatings, Pavings, and Linings for Corrugated Steel Sewer and Drainage Pipe.
ASTM A849 covers post-applied coatings, pavings, and linings for corrugated steel pipe and corrugated steel structural plate pipe, pipe-arches, and arches coated, paved, or lined with specified materials over either metallic coatings or metallic coatings with polymer coatings. This specification includes asphalt, polymerized asphalt, polymer, mastic, and emulsion coatings and asphalt and concrete pavements and linings applied to the pipe in the producing plant, as well as, asphalt and mastic coatings applied in the field. Field-applied concrete pavements and linings are covered by Specification A979/A979M. The pipe to which the coatings are applied is described in Specifications A760/A760M, A761/A761M, and A762/ A762M.
4. Significance aiid Use
4.1 Post-applied coatings. linings, and pavements are used to improve hydraulic characteristics. corrosion resistance. or abrasion resistance. or a combination thereof. Generally, coatings improve corrosion resistance and are especially effective on the outside (soil side) of the pipe. While coatings improve abrasion resistance to varying degrees. pavements generally are used where abrasion is a sigiiificant consideration. Pavements improve abrasion resistance. protect the metallic and other coatings. and increase corrosion resistance. Smooth pavements. even though they typically cover only the invert of the pipe. improve hydraulic flow characteristics. Full linings and pavements, generally, provide all three benefits.
6. Ordering Inforrnatioii
6.1 The pipe to be coated shall be described as to the applicable standard (Specification A 760/A 760M. A 761/ A 761M. or A 762/A 762M). inchidiug all detailed ordering provisions of that specific ation.
6.2 Orders for pipe coatings to this specification shall include the following infonnation as necessary to adequately describe the desired product.
6.2.1 Class of material.
6.2.2 Type of coating. paving. or lining.
6.2.3 If post coating is to be applied in the plant or in the field (Note 1).
10. Repairs to Post-Coating, Paving, and Lining
10.1 Materials used to repair damaged areas on previously coated pipe shall be compatible with and capable of being applied to the previous coating as recoimnended by the manufacturer of the original material (see Note 4). Repair coatings shall be of equal thickness to the previous coating as a mnilllum and shall have equal adherence.
Nom 4—Asphalt should be repaired with asphalt and coal tar with coal tar.
10.1.1 Damage to polymer precoating or metallic coatings shall be repaired in accordance with Specification A 760/ A 760M. A 761/A 761M. or A 762/A 762M as appropriate.
10.1.2 Repair to damaged concrete linings and pavements shall be made with a grout consisting of one part (by weight) cement to two parts washed. dry concrete sand. The grout shall be mixed with a minimum amount of water that will give a workable mix. The damaged area shall be cleaned of ally dirt or loose material. After rinsing the area to be repaired with water the grout shall be hand troweled to the same thickness and shall conform to tile contour of the existing lining.

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