ASTM A846–85 (R2000) pdf free

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ASTM A846–85 (R2000) pdf free.Standard Specification for Aluminum Scrap for Use in Deoxidation and Alloying of Steel.
ASTM A846 covers aluminum and aluminum alloys in the form of processed scrap designated as shown in Table 1, for use in the manufacture of steel.
3. Ordering Information
3.1 Orders for material wider this specific ation shall include the following information:
3.1.1 Quantity.
3.1.2 Name or form of material.
3.1.3 Size desired.
3.1.4 Requirement for packaging. and
3. 1 .5 Reports requested with shipment.
3.2 The basis of payment shall be per pound of alloy.
4. Materials and Manufacture
4.1 The material may be in the form of cut up wire, cans. or other aluminum scrap of suitable purity: or cut up rolled sections. with individual weight tolerance as agreed between the buyer and seller.
4.2 The material may be delivered loose or pressed into pieces. as agreed between buyer and seller. If pressed. the bulk density of individual pieces shall be not less than 0.082 lb/in3(85 % of density of pure wrought aluminum). The density of pressed pieces shall be determined as follows:
4.2.1 Each sample piece shall be weighed on a scale capable of accuracy of 1g weight.
4.2.2 The piece shall be completely sprayed with a lacquer and allowed to dry.
5. Chemical Composition
5. 1 The material shall conform to the requirements as to chemical composition and physical properties prescribed in Table 1.
6. Sampling
6.1 If the metal is shipped in carload lots of the same grade. not less than five samples of a minimum of 2 lb each shall be taken at random from the carload for sampling. If the shipment is in less than carload lots, one sample shall be taken for each 6000 lb (2700 kg) or fraction thereof. When it is deemed necessary. a sample may be taken from each melt of 500 lb (230 kg) or more of the alloy.
6.2 If the manufacturer has made an analysis of the material during the course of manufacture, he shall not be required to sample and analyze the finished product.
6.3 If a saw. drill, or cutter is used for taking the sample. it shall be thoroughly cleaned. No lubricant shall be used in the operation. and the sawings or metal chips shall be carefully treated with a magnet to remove any particles of iron introchiceci in taking the sample.

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