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ASTM A407-07 (R2013) pdf free.Standard Specification for Steel Wire, Cold-Drawn, for Coiled-Type Springs.
1 The diameter of the wire shall not vary from that specifed by more than the tolerances specified in Table 2.
2.1 Surface Condition- -The surface of the wire as received shall be smooth and have a uniform finish suitable for coiling or shaping the various types of springs. No serious die marks,scratches, or seams may be present.
2.2 The wire shall be properly cast. To test for cast, a few convolutions of wire shall be cut from the coil and allowed to fall on a flat surface. The wire shall lie substantially flat on itself and shall not spring up and show a wavy condition.
2.3 Each coil shall be one continuous length of wire,properly coiled. Welds made prior to cold drawing are permitted. Weld areas need not meet the mechanical requirements of this specification.
4.1 If any test specimen exhibits obvious defects or shows the presence of a weld, it may be discarded and another specimen substituted.
4.2 The manufacturer shall aford the purchaser’s inspector all reasonable facilities necessary to satisfy him that the material is being produced and furnished in accordance with this specification. Mill inspection by the purchaser shall not interfere unnecessarily with the manufacturer s operations. All tests and inspections shall be made at the place of manufacture,unless otherwise agreed to.
6.1 Unless otherwise specified, any rejection based on tests made in accordance with this specification shall be reported to the manufacturer within a reasonable length of time.
6.2 Failure of any of the test specimens to comply with the requirements of this specification shall constitute grounds for rejection of the lot represented by the specimen. The lot may be resubmitted for inspection by testing every coil for the characteristic in which the specimen failed and sorting out the defective coils.
6.3 The material must be adequately protected and correctly identified in order that the producer may make proper investigation.
7.1 Packaging of the coils of wire shall be by agreement between the producer and the purchaser. This agreement shall include coil dimensions and weights.
7.2 When specified, the packaging, marking, and loading shall be in accordance with Practices A700.
7.3 Marking shall be by a tag securely atached to each coil of wire and shall show the identity of the producer, size of the wire, type, and ASTM specification designation.
7.4 Bar Coding- -In addition to the previously stated identification requirements, bar coding is aceptable as a supplementary identification method. Bar coding should be consistent with AIAG Standard AIAGB -5 02.00, Primary Metals Identification Tag Application. The bar code may be applied to a substantially affixed tag.ASTM A407 pdf download.

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