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AS ISO 10667.1-2020 pdf free.Assessment service delivery—Procedures and methodsto assess people in work andorganizational settings.
ISO 10667 presents an evidence-based,measurable perspective of the assessment service deliveryprocess that has world-wide applicability. It will enable organizations to become more effectiveusers of assessment,making better hiring decisions and enhancing the potential,well-being andemployee-organization fit of all their employees. This guidance will promote the provision ofstandardized, appropriate, and equitable delivery of assessment services to assessment will enable regulatory bodies, other authorities and society at large to have more confidence inassessment procedures.
ISO 10667 provides clear and concise guidance for providers of assessment services and the clientsof assessment service providers in order to enable all stakeholders to realize the potential benefits ofgood assessment practices. This is achieved by:
defining good practice for assessment procedures and methods;ensuring equity in the application of assessment procedures;
– enabling appropriate evaluation of the quality of assessment service provision.
lt is likely that users of lS0 10667 will possess very different levels of competence, understanding andfamiliarity with the concepts involved in the development of standardized procedures and methodsto assess individuals, groups and organizations in the occupational arena. Accordingly, in order tofacilitate its use by a variety of people and to provide guidance about the background of IS0 10667, thisintroduction presents key information about the intent and layout of lS0 10667.
ISO 10667 relates to the delivery of assessments used at the individual, group, and organizationallevels. IS0 10667 aims to promote good practice and to encourage clear documentation of the workingrelationship between clients andservice providers.It functions as practicalguidance for both clients andservice providers involved in the assessment delivery process. It describes their respective obligationsand responsibilities before, during and after the assessment process. lt also provides guidance on therights and responsibilities of assessment participants and others involved in assessment procedures,including recipients of the assessment results. Figure 1 gives an overview of the possible interactionsbetween the different parties in the assessment process.NOTE Different parties in the assessment process have different roles and interact with each other throughoutthe assessment process.In addition, a single party can serve multiple roles. For example, a participant can also bea client, and a service provider can also be a client. In a career counselling setting, the participant can purchasethe services and thus be the client also.Similarly, an internal HR team can provide services to the organization aswell as use services provided by external vendors.AS ISO 10667.1 pdf download.

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