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AS 60155:2018 pdf free.Glow-starters for fluorescent lamps (IEC 60155:1993 (ED. 4.0), MOD).
7.4 Insulation resistance under humidity conditions
Immediately alter a humidity treatment of 24 h x 2 in an atmosphere of 91 % to 95 % relative humidity, and an ambient temperature between 20 °C and 27 C maintained within limits of ±1 °C, the insulation resistance between live parts and the metal canister of the starter shall be not less than 2 Mfl measured after 1 mm at 500 V d.c. In the case of canisters of insulating material, they shall be covered by tinfoil and the preceding requirements shall be satisfied, the test being carried Out between the foil and live parts.
Before starting the humiddy treatment, the starters shall be kept in an ambient temperature which does not differ from the temperature within the humidity test enclosure by more than ‘ C. for at least 4 h.
7.5 Dielectric strength
Immediately after the insulation resistance test, the starter shall be subjected to and satisfactorily withstand for 1 mm without breakdown a sinusoidal a.c. voltage of 1 500 V r.m.s. applied between the same parts as those referred to in 7,4.
7.6 Dimensions
7.6.1 The dimensions shall comply with the requirements of figure 1. Compliance shall be checked by the gauges of figures 6. 7 and 8.
7.6.2 The external creepage distance and clearance shall be not less than 3 mm between live parts of different polarity, or between live parts and accessible metal parts.
The internal creepage distance between live parts and accessible metal parts shall be not less than 2 mm.
7.7 Torsion test
The starter shall withstand a torque of 0.6 Nm about the axis and applied at the top of the canister by holding the pins in a fixed support. The torque shall not be applied suddenly but increased gradually from zero to the value specified.
7.8 Mechanical strength
The starter shall withstand without damage affecting safety, 20 falls of 500 mm onto a
3 mm thick steel plate in a tumbling barrel turning at 5 rev/mm (that is 10 taIls per minute).
Suitable equipment for this test is shown in figure 2.
7.9 Connections
Electrical connections shall be so designed that the contact pressure is not transmitted through insulating material other than ceramic material.
Compliance Is checked by inspection.AS 60155 pdf download.

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