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AS ISO 7240.10:2018 pdf free.Fire detection and alarm systems Part 10: Point-type flame detectors.
5 General requirements
5.1 Compliance
In order to comply with this part of ISO 7240, the detector shall meet the requirements of Clause 5,which shall be verified visually or by engineering assessment. The detector shall be tested and shall meet the requirements of the tests as specified in Clause 6.
5.2 Classification
Detectors shall conform to one or more of the following classifications to which the manufacturer claims compliance (see Table 1) and according to the requirements of the tests specified in 6.5.
NOTE Detectors may be classified into more than one class, depending on the results of the assessment.
5.3 Individual alarm indication
5.3.1 Each detector shall be provided with an integral red visual indicator, by which the individual detector that released an alarm can be identified, until the alarm condition is reset. Where other conditions of the detector are visually indicated, they shall be clearly distinguishable from the alarm indication, except when the detector is switched into a service mode. For a detachable detector, the indicator may be integral with the base or the detector head.
5.3.2 The visual indicator shall be visible from a distance of 6 m in an ambient light intensity up to 500
lx at an angle of up to:
a) 50 from the axis of the detector in any direction, and
b) 45° from the axis of the detector in at least one direction.
5.4 Connection of ancillary devices
The detector may provide for connections to ancillary devices (remote indicators, control relays, etc.), but open- or short-circuit failures of these connections shall not prevent the correct operation of the detector.
5.5 Monitoring of detachable detectors
For detachable detectors, a means shall be provided for a remote monitoring system (e.g. the control and indicating equipment) to detect the removal of the head from the base, in order to give a fault signal.
5.6 Manufacturer adjustments
It shall not be possible to change the manufacturer’s settings except by special means (e.g. the use of a special code or tool) or by breaking or removing a seal.AS ISO 7240.10 pdf download.

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