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AS 5159.1:2018 pdf free.Trampoline park facilities Part 1: General safety requirements and test methods.
2.1 GENERAl4
2.1.1 Risk assessment
A risk assessment of the design shall be conducted taking into consideration the requirements of this Standard. Where risks are identified the design shall be modified and control measures implemented to minimize risks to a tolerable level.
2.1.2 Structural requirements
The trampoline frame shall be designed to accommodate the most adverse combination of loading that will be applied according to the Australian Standards for structural components, in particular the following:
(a) For welding of steel structures. AS/NZS 1554 (series).
(b) For chains. AS 2321.
(C) For shackles. AS 2741.
(d) For wire rope. AS 3569.
(e) For structural steel, AS 4100.
NOTE: This Standard does not exclude components conforming to international or other national standards provided it can be demonstrated that they achieve performance that is equivalent to or better than the corresponding Australian Standard.
2.1.3 Toxic materials
Toxic materials shall not be used in TPF. All materials shall conform to the minimum requirements of AS/NZS 8124.3.
2.1.4 Access ways and platforms
Access shall be provided for places normally used by operating, inspection, maintenance and servicing personnel for device set-up, inspection and maintenance. Where access ways and platforms are required for these non-climbing activities, they shall conform to AS 1657.
The maximum patron weight shall be 140 kg.
NOTE: For design purposes accouni should be taken of the combined dynamic loading of multiple users. Designers are encouraged to exceed the 1000 kg and 1500 kg design load (see Paragraph B3.2). As a general rule. TPF trampolines are single user only. Exceptions to allow multiple users include coach/instructor assistance and volley ball.
The structural integrity of a trampoline bed, suspension system and trampoline frame shall be verified by a competent person(s).
Structural integrity shall be determined by calculation or proof loading (see Appendix B), or a combination of both of these two methods.
2.3 NETS
2.3.1 Patron containment nets
Patron containment nets shall be positioned within a TPF such that they shall control:
(a) Patron entry to and exit from trampoline courts.
(b) Access under and around a trampoline.AS 5159.1 pdf download.

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