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AS 4428.6:2018 pdf free.Australian Standard Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems – Control and indicating equipment.
3.1 Definitions
For the purposes of this document, the definitions given in AS 7240. 1 and the following apply.
3.1.1 Access level
One of several states of an ASE in which selected—
(a) controls can be operated:
(b) manual operations can be carried out:
(c) indications are visible. andor
(d) information can be obtained.
NOTE: See Appendix A.
3.1.2 Field
Sub-division of a window (see Clause 3.1.17).
3.1.3 Fire detection and alarm system (FDA S
Group of components including a FDCIE. which, when arranged in a specified configuration(s), is capable of detecting and indicating a fire, and giving signals for appropriate action.
3.1.4 Functional condition
Condition of the ASE characterized by its indication at the signalling equipment (see Clause 5. 1).
3.1 . Indication
Information given by an indicator.
3.1.6 Indicator
Device which can change its state to give information.
3.1.7 Mandatory
Qualification applied to those functions required to be provided on all ASE and the functions’ requirements.
3.1 .H Non-volatile memory
Memory elements which do not require the presence of an energy source for the retention of their contents.
3.1.9 Program
Software necessary for ASE to comply with at Icast the requirements of this Standard. including initializing data, reset and interrupt vectors, operating code, and declarations.
3.1.10 Reset
An operation which returns a condition to the quiescent state.
3.1.11 Running data
Alterable data subject to temporary modification during operation, either automatically or by manual controls.
3.1.12 Separate
Physically separate and exclusively provided for the purpose or purposes stated in this Standard.
3.1.13 Silencing
Manual operation for switching off the audible signal of a sounding device that is capable
of being automatically re-sounded by a new event.
3.1.14 Telecommunications path
Connection betveen the ASE, monitoring centre and fire dispatch centre.
3.1 .15 Transmission path
Connection, external to the cabinet of the ASE, for the transmission of information and/or power—
(a) between the ASE and other components of a fire detection and fire alarm system as defined in AS 7240.1; and/or
(b) between parts of ASE contained in cabinets which are not adjacent.
NOTE: Examples include electrical cables, fibre optic cable and electromagnetic radiation
(radio, microwave and infrared light).
3,1.16 Volatile memory
Memory elements which require the presence of an energy source for the retention of their contents.
3.1.17 Window
Part or all of an alphanumeric display used for information relating to one functional condition at a given time.AS 4428.6 pdf download.

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