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AS 5013.11.4:2018 pdf free.Food microbiology Method 11.4: Microbiology of the food chain- -Preparation of test samples, initial suspension and decimal dilutions for microbiological examination一 Specific rules for the preparation of miscellaneous products (ISO 6887-4:2017, MOD).
6.1 Homogenizers.
6.1.1 Rotary homogenizer (blender).
Refer to Iso 7218. If a large sample is to be homogenized, the equipment should include a sterile ii bowl.
6.1.2 Peristaltic homogenizer.
Refer to ISO 7218. With sterile plastic bags or filter bags to retain particulate material where necessary.
6.2 Domestic grater, sterile.
6.3 Hammer or other heavy implement. capable of crushing hard materials.
6.4 Water baths, capable of being maintained at 44 °C to 47 °C or as stated for specific purposes.
6.5 Sterile scissors, knives, scalpels and forceps.
6.6 Sterile spatulas, spoons or scoops.
6.7 SterIle corers, for taking samples at depth.
6.8 Stirrer, capable of operating with a horizontal motion.
6.9 Sterile wide-necked flasks or other containers, of 500 ml capacity
6.10 Ultrasonic bath, with operating frequency of 35 MHz to 45 MHz.
7 Sampling and sample types
Carry out sampling in accordance with the specific standard appropriate to the product concerned or see ISO/TS 17728. Some guidance on sampling certain products is included in Clause 9 for clarity. If a specific standard is not available, It is recommended that agreement be reached on this subject by the parties concerned.
8 Preparation of samples
8.1 General
All preparations and manipulations shall be carried out using aseptic techniques and sterile equipment (see ISO 7218). General sample preparation procedures are given in ISO 6887-1, but additional detail for some categories is given in 8.2 to 8.4.
8.2 Acidic products
It is important to consider the end use of the product when testing acidic samples.
If the product is to be used as an ingredient in a final product of higher pH, then the pH of the initial suspension of the test portion shall be adjusted to pH 7,0 ± 0.5 with the diluents specified at 5.2.2 or 5.3.1 or others with equivalent buffering capacity.
For pH adjustment of moderately acidic samples (pH  3,5 to p11 <4,5), use double-strength buffered peptone water (5.3.1). See ISO 6887-1.AS 5013.11.4 pdf download.

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