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AS 1562.1:2018 pdf free.Australian Standard Design and installation of sheet roof and wall cladding Part 1: Metal.
1.3.4 Creep
The phenomenon of increasing deformation under constant load.
1.3.5 Cyclone regions
Wind Regions C’ and D as defined in AS/NZS 1170.2 or site classifications Cl to C4 in AS 4055.
1.3.6 Design documentation
Details of the mandatory requirements for cladding systems that are in accordance with this Standard (see Clause 3.5).
NOTE: Design documcntation is used to ensure that the design and the test verification of the performance of the cladding matches the requirements for installation (see Clause 4).
1.3.7 Dc-indexing
The releasing of the interlock between preformed sheets.
1.3.X Fastener spacing (p)
The maximum distance between fasteners, measured along the centre-line of the supporting member.
1.3.9 Non-cyclone regions
Wind Regions A and B as defined in AS/NZS 1170.2 or site classifications N 1 to N6 in AS 4055.
1.3.10 Oil canning
Minor elastic distortion in the form of waviness or out-of-flatness in a preformed sheet.
normally caused by local buckling of the sheet metal.
1.3.11 Pan
The flat, or curved portion between the ribs in a pan-type pretbrmed sheet.
1.3.12 Pierce fastened profile
A metal cladding fixed only by screws or nails that pass through the cladding.
1.3.13 Preformed sheet
A metal roofing sheet preformed to increase its resistance to vertical loads, which may have longitudinal ribs of corrugated type or of pan type, in which the distance between the ribs is greater than the width of the ribs, or be formed in other ways to represent tiles or other shapes.
1.3.14 Rainwater goods
Downpipes, rainheads, sumps. spreaders. soakers. nozzles and eaves, box and valley gutters.
1.3.15 Rib
A longitudinal upstand produced by bending, folding or crimping the sheet during manufacture.
1.3.16 Secret (concealed) fastened profile
A metal cladding fixed by secret (hidden) brackets, clips, etc including standing seam profile.
NOTE: Where deformation of the sheeting under ultimate test loading could cause loss of engagement of the fastening system, typically from opening of rib from deformation of pans or unzipping of laps, the sheeting is regarded as secret fastened profile.AS 1562.1 pdf download.

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