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AS 1892.1:2018 pdf free.Australian Standard Portable ladders Part 1: Performance and geometric requirements.
The design and construction shall be such that the ladder is of sufficient strength, stiffness and stability to meet the performance requirements of this Standard.
NOTE: Specific design and construction requirements are not a part of this Standard, because of the wide variety of materials and design possibilities.
2.2.1 Duty rating
Portable ladders shall be rated as either ‘industrial’ or ‘domestic’ in accordance with their designed service capability.
2.2.2 Load rating
Portable ladders shall have a load rating of—
(a) not less than 120 kg for industrial ladders; or
(b) not less than 100 kg for domestic ladders.
2.2.3 Stability rating
Portable ladders may be rated as ‘higher stability’ in accordance with specific performance
requirements. Refer to Appendices GG, HH and 11.
2.3.1 General
Materials should be durable and resistant to corrosion. Additionally, materials should be able to withstand handling under normal usage.
Ferrous fittings or components may be made corrosion resistant by coating or plating. Materials used shall be compatible with respect to galvanic action.
NOTE: Guidance in the protection of iron and steel against exterior atmospheric corrosion is given in AS/NZS 2312 series.
2.3.2 Fibreglass General
Fibreglass should be a fully cured composite consisting of a commercial grade thermosetting isophthalic polyester resin reinforced with glass fibres. The selection of polyester resin shall consider the following end use requirements:
(a) Electrical.
(b) Corrosion resistance.
(c) Outdoor weathering.
(d) Thermal conditions.
(c) Structural integrity.
Resins and reinforcements, or combinations thereof, other than those specified in this Standard, may be used provided the ladder conforms to the relevant performance requirements.
NOTE: This option is allowed even when laboratory coupon test results do not conform to the values given in Appendix A, Tables A1 and A2, with the provision that the minimum percent retention of condition-A coupon values be 75% after either wet or weather-cycle tests and 60% after 66°C temperature tests. Reinforcements
Glass fibre reinforcements may consist of any combination of mat, roving, cloth, or fabric of‘’E’glass with a silane or equivalent coupling agent. The quantity, selection, distribution and orientation of the glass reinforcements shall ensure conformance to the requirements of this Standard. A complete enveloping surface layer of continuous strand mat, continuous filament reinforcing mat, surface veil, non-woven fibrous fabric, or equivalent material, may be provided for added weathering resistance. This may consist of glass of Type A, B or E, or be a polyester staple fibre. Alternative materials or other techniques that provide at least an equivalent weathering resistance may be employed. In any event, the outermost layer shall consist of polyester.AS 1892.1 pdf download.

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