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AS 1519:2018 pdf download.Information and documentation – International Standard Book Number (ISBN).
In countries where the Latin alphabet is not used, the appropriate abbreviation for international Standard Book Number” in the local script may be given in conjunction with the required letters ISBN in the Latin alphabet.
4.2 GSI element
The first element of an ISBN shall be a three-digit GS1 prefix. Technical information specifying valid GS1 prefixes assigned to ISBN shall be available from the Registration Authority (see Annex 13) for this document.
4.3 Registration group element
The second element of an ISBN shall indicate the registration group. It identifies a specific national, geographic, language, or other such grouping to which the ISBN belongs.
The registration group element is allocated by the Registration Authority.
The registration group element varies In length according to the publishing output within the group concerned. The length of this element for any registration group is determined by the Registration Authority. Technical information which specifies validation rules for registration group length shall be available from the Registration Authority.
44 Registrant element
The third element of an ISBN shall indicate the registrant for that ISBN. This element shall be allocated from the ranges assigned to each registration group according to rules specified by the Registration Authority. In the majority of cases, the registrant element shall refer to one publisher. Under certain circumstances, more than one publisher may share a registrant element, usually as a result of mergers or other commercial activities involving particular publications. Also, within each registration group, or within a specific range within a registration group, a common block of registrant elements may be reserved for the purpose of assigning individual ISBNs to publishers.
Exceptionally, a registrant element may be assigned to an intermediary who is acting on behalf of a publisher or has been unable to obtain an ISBN from the publisher. An intermediary who is commissioned by the publisher simply to fulfil the ISBN paperwork shall not be assigned a registrant element in their own right.
The registrant element varies in length according to the projected publication output of each publisher. The length of this element shall be determined in accordance with the agreed specifications of the ISBN system for assigning ranges of the ISBN as defined within this document and in guidelines issued by the Registration Authority. Technical information that specifies validation rules for registrant element length within a particular registration group shall be available from the Registration Authority.
4.5 Publication element
The fourth element of an ISBN shall be the publication element. The publication element shall be allocated in accordance with the specifications of Annex A. It is usually assigned to the publication by the publisher of the monographic publication. However, in some cases, an ISBN from within a common registrant element block reserved for that purpose may be allocated.
The length of the publication element is determined by the length of the registration group and registrant elements that precede it.AS 1519 pdf download.

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