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SA TR ISO 56004:2020 pdf free.lnnovation ManagementAssessment — Guidance.
This document will help the user understand why it is beneficial to carry out an Innovation ManagementAssessment(MA), what to assess, how to carry out the IMA, and thus maximize the resulting benefits,which are universally applicable to:
organizations seeking sustained success in their innovation activities;- organizations performing IMAs;
users and other interested parties (e.g. customers, suppliers,partners,funding organizations,universities and public authorities) seeking confidence in an organization’s ability to manageinnovation effectively;
interested parties seeking to improve communication through a common understanding ofInnovation Management (IM), via an assessment;
providers of training, assessment, or advice in IM; — developers of related standards;
academics interested in research related to IMA.Further, this document is intended to be applicable to:
all types of organizations, regardless of sector, age, size, or country; all approaches to IM regardless of their level of sophistication, and complexity;-all modalities of managing innovation whether centralized or decentralized; all waysto innovate,e.g.internal,collaborative, open,user-, market- ortechnology-driveninnovation;- all types of innovation such as product, service, process, business model, organizational innovation from incremental to radical.
innovation management:management with regard to innovation (3.1)
Note 1 to entry: Innovation management can include establishing an innovation vision, innovation policy andinnovation objectives, and innovation strategies,innovation processes,structures, roles and responsibilitiesand innovation support,to achieve those objectives through innovation planning,innovation operations,performance evaluation, improvement and other activities.
innovation process:process with regard to innovation (3.1)
Note 1 to entry: Innovation processes are generally planned and carried out under controlled conditions torealize value.
Note 2 to entry:Innovation processes are designed to manage uncertainty withinnovation as the intended resul.Not all innovation processes are resulting in innovation.
Note 3 to entry: An innovation process consists of several innovation activities or process elements e.g.identification of insights and opportunities, ideation, prototyping , development, deployment
Note 4 to entry: Innovation processes can be implemented within an organization or across organizations in thecase of e.g.collaborative innovation, innovation clusters,value networks or ecosystems.
Before initiating an IMA, it is preferable that the organization gains a thorough understanding of thereasons for carrying out an lMA, and about its current lM performance. There may be the need forclarity on the IM and how it is performing, or there may be the need for change in the organization toperform better. In the first case, the IMA’s objective is to provide insights into the current performance- both strengths, weaknesses and gaps to the desired value creation through better IM.This will be thebasis for defining and implementing actions for improvement. In the second case, the lMA may yielda transformation roadmap including organizational changes to reach the level of a high-performinginnovator. The following reasons may trigger an organization to initiate an IMA.SA TR ISO 56004 pdf download.

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