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ISO/TS 19808-2020 pdf free.Nanotechnologies — Carbonnanotube suspensions — Specification of characteristics andmeasurement methods.
This document specifies the characteristics to be measured of suspensions containing multi-walledcarbon nanotubes (CNT’ suspensions). It includes the essential and additional characteristics of the CNTsuspension, and the corresponding measurement methods.
Characteristics specific to health, environmental and safety issues are excluded from this document.WARNING – The use of this document can involve hazardous materials,operations andequipment. It does not purport to address all of the safety or environmental problemsassociated with its use. The execution of this document is entrusted to appropriately qualifiedand experienced people.There are no normative references in this document.For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
agglomerate:collection of weakly or medium strongly bound particles where the resulting external surface area issimilar to the sum of the surface areas of the individual components [SOURCE: ISO/TS 80004-2:2015,3.4, modified —Notes 1 and 2 to entry have been deleted.]
aggregate:particle comprising strongly bonded or fused particles where the resulting external surface area issignificantly smaller than the sum of surface areas of the individual components [SOURCE:ISO/TS 80004-2:2015,3.5, modified —Notes 1 and 2 to entry have been deleted.]
The outer diameter of a fibrous object is the distance on a two-dimensional microscopic imagebetween the two outer edges on a cross-sectional line orthogonal to the longitudinal direction of fibre.One datum of outer diameter is obtained for each fibrous object. Each diameter datum is randomlyobtained from the fibrous object without deliberately measuring the narrower or wider area of theimage of the fibrous object. The target fibrous objects to be measured shall be representative of thefibrous solid objects contained in a CNT suspension sample, i.e. all types of fibrous objects on an imageshall be equally selected for measurements. The number of diameter data may be agreed between theinterested parties.
The diameter shall be measured by TEM or SEM.SEM can be used when the spatial resolution is preciseenough for the target CNT diameters. When a test specimen for measurement is prepared, the CNTconcentration of the suspension is adjusted to be dilute enough.
The measurement results shall be displayed as a histogram of the number of fibrous objects versusdiameter at the interval of 1 nm. Also, the average (median) of diameter data of fibrous objects shall beexpressed in the unit of nm. It should be noted that the measurement results may be qualitative withincreased uncertainty when the observed microscopic images lack the representativeness of sample.ISO/TS 10797 and ISo/TS 10798 specify the protocols for diameter measurement of single-wall CNTsby TEM and SEM, respectively.These documents can be useful for MWCNTs.ISO/TS 19808 pdf download.

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