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ISO/IEC 7816-11-2017 pdf free.ldentification cards — Integratedcircuit cards — Personal verification throughbiometric methods.
This document specifies security-related interindustry commands to be used for personal verificationthrough biometric methods in integrated circuit cards. It also defines the data structure and data accessmethods for use of the card as a carrier of the biometric reference and/or as the device to performthe verification of the cardholder’s biometric probe (on-card biometric comparison). ldentification ofpersons using biometric methods is outside the scope of this document.The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. Forundated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. individual whose individualized biometric data (3.3) is within the biometric system
[SOURCE: ISO/IEC 2382-37:2017,3.7.5, modified —Note 1 to entry has not been included.J3.5
process applied to a biometric sample (3.10) with the intent of isolating and outputting repeatable anddistinctive numbers or labels which can be compared to those extracted from other biometric samples[SOURCE: ISO/IEC 2382-37:2017,3.5.4, modified —Notes to entry have not been included.J
data acquired during a biometric verification (3.11) in the course of the biometric comparison (3.2) withthe biometric reference (3.9)
Note 1 to entry: The term “biometric verification data” was used in ISO/IEC 7816-11:2004.3.9
one or more data objects,stored on ICC during enrolment, representing biometric data (3.3) of theperson to be authenticated, of any biometric characteristic
Note 1 to entry: The term “biometric reference data”was used in ISO/IEC 7816-11:2004.3.10
analogue or digital representation of biometric characteristics (3.1) prior to biometric featureextraction (3.6)
process of verifying by a one-to-one biometric comparison (3.2) of the biometric probe (3.8) withbiometric reference (3.9)
collection or attempt for collection of a signal(s) (3.20) from a biometric characteristics(s) (3.1), or arepresentation of a biometric characteristic(s), and conversion of the signal(s) to an acquired biometricsample (3.10) set
biometric verification (3.11) that requires a dynamic action from the person to be authenticated
Note 1 to entry: Examples of dynamic actions are speech, sign time series data, etc. with dynamically changedpatterns.These actions may be used for static biometric verification (3.21) with fixed patterns.ISO/IEC 7816 pdf download.

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