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ISO 8044-2020 pdf free.Corrosion of metals and alloys —Vocabulary.
1.Scope:This document defines terms relating to corrosion that are widely used in modern science andtechnology.In addition, some definitions are supplemented with short explanations.
NOTE1 Throughout the document, IUPAC rules for electrode potential signs are applied.The term “metal” isalso used to include alloys and other metallic materials.
NOTE 2 Terms and definitions related to the inorganic surface treatment of metals are given in ISo 2080.
2.Normative references There are no normative references in this document.
3.1 corrosion physicochemical interaction between a metallic material and its environment that results in changes inthe properties of the metal, and that may lead to significant impairment of the function of the metal, theenvironment or the technical system, of which these form a part
Note 1 to entry: This interaction is often of an electrochemical nature.
3.2 corrosive agent substance that will initiate or promote corrosion (3.1) when in contact with a given metal
3.3 corrosive environment environment that contains one or more corrosive agents (3.2)
3.4 corrosion system system consisting of one or more metals and those parts of the environment that influence corrosion(3.1)Note 1 to entry: Parts of the environment may be, for example,coatings, surface layers or additional electrodes(7.1.2).
3.5 corrosion effect change in any part of the corrosion system (3.4) caused by corrosion ( 3.1)
3.6 corrosion damage corrosion effect (3.5) that causes impairment of the function of the metal, the environment or thetechnical system, of which these form a part.Note 1 to entry: The unit used to express the corrosion rate depends on the technical system and on the type ofcorrosion effect.Thus, corrosion rate is typically expressed as an increase in corrosion depth(3.11) per unit time,or the mass of metal turned into corrosion products (3.8) per area of surface and per unit time, etc.The corrosioneffect may vary with time and may not be the same at all points of the corroding surface.Therefore, reportsof corrosion rates are typically accompanied by information on the type, time dependency and location of thecorrosion effect.ISO 8044 pdf download.

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