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ISO 525-2020 pdf free.Bonded abrasive products — Shapetypes, designation and marking.
This document is applicable for bonded abrasive products in general.
NOTE 1 Bonded abrasive products are e.g.grinding wheels,segments, sticks and stones.This document specifies:
a) IS0 type number and shape;b) dimensional symbols;cstandard profiles;d) specification;e) designation;
f) marking requirements.
NOTE2This document is general and is complemented by ISO 603 (all parts) that is applicable for dimensions,by IS0 6103 that is applicable for permissible unbalance and by ISO 13942 that is applicable for limit deviationsand tolerances.
This document is not applicable for superabrasive products and coated abrasive products.2Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document. For dated references,only the edition cited applies. Forundated references, the latest edition of the referenced document(including any amendments) applies.ISO8486 (all parts),Bonded abrasives —Determination and designation of grain size distribution.
The manufacturer’s code number may be used to denote structure or porosity, usually 0 to 99. Thehigher the number, the more “”open” the structure and the greater the porosity.Higher numbers indicateextremely open structures.
The standardized code letter(s) specified in Table 6 shall be used to denote bond type.
The manufacturer’s code, comprising numbers and/or letters, shall be used to denote special featuresof the product (impregnation, reinforced centre, slots, etc.).For correct identification, the designation should comprise indications in the following order:
a) type name according to Table 2;
b)International Standard number (relevant part of ISO 603), if applicable;c) type number according to Table 2;
d) profile according to 4.2, if applicable;e)nominal dimensions;
f)specification according to Clause 5;g) maximum operating speed.
All abrasive products shall be marked with the following information necessary to ensure correctprocedures for handling, storing, mounting and use.
The minimum information required is as follows:
a) at least one of the following: manufacturer, supplier, importer, registered trademark;b) dimensions, in millimetres (mm);
cspecification according to Table 3;
d) maximum operating speed, in metres per second (m/s);
NOTE 1 Maximum operating speed is not mandatory for segments and spindle mounted points.
e)maximum permissible rotational frequency of the unused abrasive product, in revolutions per
minute (r/min or min-1 or rpm);
NOTE2 Maximum permissible rotational frequency of the unused abrasive product is not mandatory forsegments.
traceability code, e.g. a production/batch number, expiry date or date of manufacture or seriesnumber;
g) expiry date for resinoid wheels (bond type: B and BF) used on hand-held machines, indicated with
month and year, e.g.”VO4/2021”.
Optional additional marking, such as IS0 type number according to Table 2, may be made.The marking shall be indelible and legible as long as possible.
The marking shall be on the product itself, on a fixed blotter or on a fixed label.ISO 525 pdf download.

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