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ISO 4874-2020 pdf free.Tobacco-Sampling of batches of rawmaterial — General principles.
This document specifies the general principles to be applied when sampling batches of raw tobacco inorder to assess either the mean value of one or more of its characteristics, or- the heterogeneity of one or more of its characteristics.
Manufactured tobacco products, including products intended for sale or distribution, are specificallynot included in the scope of this document.
characteristic:physical, mechanical, dimensional, chemical, biological, botanical or organoleptic property of tobaccoEXAMPLELeaf position, colour, ripeness, leaf length.
batch:definite quantity of tobacco that is produced under conditions that are presumed to be uniform withrespect to one or more of its characteristics (3.1)
Note 1 to entry: This notion implies generally that the batch consists of tobaccos of the same origin belonging tothe same variety.
consignment:quantity of tobacco delivered at one time.
Note 1 to entry: The consignment may consist of one or more batches (3.2) or parts of batches.
sampling unit:unit part of the consignment (3.3)
Note 1 to entry: It is separately packaged (bale, wooden or cardboard case, basket or sack).
lt is important that the laboratory receive a representative sample which has not been damaged orchanged during transport or storage.
lf it is necessary to sample tobacco taken from cigarettes, the procedures listed in IS0 8243:2013,4.1.3should be used.
The equipment that is used for sampling the tobacco shall be appropriate for the determination ofthe characteristics that are specified in Clause 4 c). lf physical characteristics such as leaf dimensionsor particle size distribution are to be determined, then the sampling equipment shall not alter thesecharacteristics. The sampling equipment shall be clean and dry, and shall not affect any subsequentdetermination.
The containers used for collecting the samples shall be made of a chemically inert material. They shallbe airtight and preferably opaque.
The samples shall be kept in a dry and cool place protected against light,and in an odour-freeenvironment to prevent contamination, microbial growth, infestation or other situations which wouldaffect organoleptic properties.ISO 4874 pdf download.

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