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ISO 36-2017 pdf free.Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic— Determination ofadhesion to textile fabrics.
This document specifies a method of test for measuring the force required to separate, by stripping.two plies of fabric bonded with rubber, or a rubber layer and a fabric ply bonded together.
The method is applicable when the ply surfaces are approximately plane or when they are in theform of a cylinder having an internal diameter greater than approximately 50 mm.The method is notapplicable when the ply surfaces contain sharp bends, angles or other gross irregularities which cannotbe excluded when cutting out test pieces.This document does not apply to coated fabrics, which are tested in accordance with lS0 2411,or textileconveyor belts, which are tested in accordance with ISO 252.
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. Forundated references, the latest edition of the referenced document(including any amendments) applies.
The stripping force required to separate two plies of fabric bonded with rubber, or a rubber layer anda fabric ply bonded together, is measured under specified conditions using test pieces of standarddimensions in the form of a flat strip.
Test machine, power-driven and equipped with a suitable dynamometer; it shall be capable ofmaintaining a substantially constant rate of traverse of the moving head during the test and shall belinked to an autographic recorder or a computer with graphic capabilities for data acquisition andprocessing.An inertialess dynamometer (of the electronic or optical type, for example) shouild preferablybe used.
The machine shall comply with the requirements of lSO 5893, be capable of measuring force with anaccuracy corresponding to class 1 as defined in lSO 5893:2002, and have a rate of traverse ofthe movinggrip of 50 mm/min  5 mm/min.
The machine shall be fitted with grips capable of holding the test piece and the ply to be separatedwithout slipping during the test.
Autographic recorder,with a scale sufficiently large to permit easy interpretation of the trace,or computer with graphic capabilities and software enabling it to comply with the procedure for dataprocessing described in lso 6133.
The test apparatus shall be calibrated in accordance with the schedule given in Annex A.
The test piece shall have a width of 25 mm  0,5 mm and shall be of sufficient length to permit plyseparation during measurement over a length of at least 100 mm. The minimum thickness of theconstituent components, or of one of them, shall be such that the weakest component can transmit theforce necessary for separation without breaking.The test piece shall be cut in a plane parallel to the warp in the length direction and parallel to the weftin the width direction.If required, also cut test pieces in a plane parallel to the weft in the length direction and parallel to thewarp in the width direction.
lf there is a danger of bits of fabric being removed from the test piece due to irregularity of fabricalignment, make the test pieces slightly wider, but at least the ply to be stripped shall be cut to thewidth of 25 mm.
The thickness shall be suitably reduced in accordance with IS0 23529, if necessary, in order to ensurethat the line of separation of the plies during the test lies as close as possible to the plane of the strips oftest piece held in the grips (see Figure 1).For tests intended to be comparable, the test pieces shall havethe same dimensions.Whenever possible, the standard test piece shall be cut from the article and prepared in accordancewith the relevant product standard, if one exists.ISO 36 pdf download.

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