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ISO 2954-1975 pdf free.Mechanical vibration of rotating and reciprocating machinery — Requirements for instruments for measuring vibration severity.
This international Standard states the requirements which ameasuring instrument for vibration severity of machinesshould meet if inaccuracies of measurement,particularlywhen making comparisons between one machine andanother,are not to exceed a specific value. Instrumentsmeeting the requirements of this lnternational Standard aresuitable for use in carrying out the procedures specified inIso 2372 and ISo 2373 and are designated “Measuringinstrumentsfor vibration severity in rotatingandreciprocating machines”.
The instruments covered by this International Standard givedirect indication or recording of root-mean-square vibrationvelocity,which is defined as the measuring unit of thevibration severity.
A method of checking true root-mean-square indication isdescribed in an annex.
Subject to limitation of the measuring-frequency range,theseinstruments may be used for other applications where similaraccuracy of measurement is required, for example measurement ofvibration velocity of structures, tunnels, bridges, etc.
The terms used in this International Standard are defined inthe following IEC Publicationsand ISo lnternationalStandards :
IEC 184,Methods for specifying the characteristics ofelectromechanicaltransducers for shock and vibrationmeasurements.
IEC 222,Methods for specifying the characteristics ofauxiliary equipment for shock and vibration measurement.IsO 2041,Vibration and shock — Vocabulary.
ISo 2372, Mechanical vibration of machines with operatingspeeds from 10 to 200rev/s — Basis for specifyingevaluation standards.
ISO 2373, Mechanical vibration ofcertain rotatingelectrical machinery with shaft heights between 80 and400 mm – Measurement and evaluation of the vibrationseverity.Avibration measuring instrument usually consists of : avibration pickup; an indicator set which contains anamplifier,correcting filter networks for the frequencyresponse and an indicating or recording instrument; anda power supply system.
The requirements described in this clause apply to thegeneral characteristics of the complete assembly of thepickup and the true vrms indicator set. Clauses 4 and 5contain the detailed requirements for each of these mainunits.
The frequencyrangeofthe vibration severitymeasuring instrument shall be from 10 to 1 000 Hz.
NOTE- This means that the frequency range corresponds to thefrequency interval employed in the evaluation scale in lso 2372.
The sensitivity within the measuring-frequency rangeshall not deviate from the reference sensitivity at 80 Hz bymore than the quantities given in the table.ISO 2954 pdf download.

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