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ISO 2555-1989 pdf free.Plastics — Resins in the liquid state or asemulsions or dispersions — Determination ofapparent viscosity by the Brookfield Test method.
This International Standard specifies a method of determiningan apparent viscosity, by the Brookfield Test method , of resinsin a liquid or similar state, using one of the types of rotationalviscometer described in this Standard.
The application of this method to specific products is detailedin annex A.
The viscometers, types A, B and C, permit viscosity measure-ments from 0,02 Pa·s (20 cP) to 60 000 Pa·s (60 x 106 cP).
spindle,of cylindrical or related form (disc),is driven at aconstant rotational frequency in the product being studied.The resistance exerted by the fluid on the spindle,whichdepends on the viscosity of the product, causes a torque whichis indicated by a suitable meter. This measurement may bebased on tightening of a spiral spring depending on the torque,indicated by the movement of a needle on a dial.
The apparent viscosity by the Brookfield Test method is obtainedby multiplying this dial reading by a coefficient which depends onthe rotational frequency and characteristics of the spindle.
The products to which this International Standard is applicableare generally non-Newtonian and the measured viscositydepends on the velocity gradient to which the products aresubjected during the measurement.
With these types of viscometer , the velocity gradient is not thesame for every point of the spindle.Thus, for a non-Newtonianfluid,the result is not strictly the true “viscosity at a knownvelocity gradient”” and therefore is conventionally called theapparent viscosity.
The detailed working principle of this apparatus, its descriptionand the characteristics of the three types are given in annex B.Each viscometer consists of:
the viscometer body;
seven interchangeable spindles numbered from 1 to 7(number 1 being the largest); these spindles carry a markthat indicates the immersion level in the liquid ; they are thesame for the three types of viscometer; do not use spindleswhich show signs of corrosion or eccentricity;
a detachable guard stirrup (type A only).
The rotational frequencies available on the different types ofBrookfield viscometer are given in table 1.
NOTE – In the case of the Brookfield apparatus, the relationship be-tween the models and available frequencies and viscometer types A, Band C are given in table 1.Other rotational frequencies within the samelimits may be chosen.ISO 2555 pdf download.

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