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ISO 21904-1-2020 pdf free.Health and safety in welding and alliedprocesses — Equipment for captureand separation of welding fume—General requirements.
1.This document defines the general requirements for ventilation equipment used to capture andseparate fumes generated by welding and allied processes,e.g. arc welding and thermal cutting.
This document also specifies the test data to be marked on the capture devices.
lt applies to the design and manufacture of parts of the equipment including hoods for welding,ducting,filter units, air movers, systems that inform of unsafe operation and workplace practices to ensure safeworking with regard to exposure.
Significant hazards are listed in Clause 4. It does not cover electrical, mechanical and pneumatichazards.
2.The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document.For dated references, only the edition cited applies.Forundated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.IS0 12100:2010,Safety of machinery—General principles for design —Risk assessment and risk reductionIS0 13849-1:2015, Safety of machinery — Safety-related parts of control systems — Part 1: Generalprinciples for design
ISO 21904-2:2020,Health and safety in welding and allied processes — Equipment for capture andseparation of welding fume—Part 2: Requirements for testing and marking of separation efficiency.
ISO 21904-4:2020,Health and safety in welding and allied processes —Requirements, testing and markingof equipment for air filtration —Part 4: Determination of the minimum air volume flow rate of captorhoods and nozzles
IEC60204-1:2005, Safety of machinery—Electrical equipment of machines—Part 1:General requirementsIEC 60335-2-69:2012,Household and similar electrical appliances — Safety -Part 2-69: Particularrequirements for wet and dry vacuum cleaners, including power brush, for commercial use
IEC 60695-2-12:2010+A1:2014, Fire hazard testing — Part 2-12:Glowing/hot-wire based test methods —Glow-wire flammability index (GWFI) test method for materials
3.Terms and definitions:For the purposes of this document,the terms and definitions given in ISO 12100:2010 and thefollowing apply.
3.1welding fume separation equipment
air filtration equipment, the purpose of which is to separate particles generated by welding and alliedprocesses from workplace atmosphere
Note 1 to entry: Some separation equipment is designed to also remove gases generated by welding, but theIS0 21904 series does not address the efficiency of gas separation.
3.2filter cleaning system
system designed to clean the filter of welding fume separation equipment(3.1)in order to restore the airflow rate through the filter when it is reduced by an accumulation of welding fume(3.13) particles.ISO 21904 pdf download.

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