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ISO 20662-2020 pdf free.Ships and marine technology 一Hopper dredger supervisory andcontrol systems.
This document specifies the components and structure,general requirements,and functionalrequirements of trailing suction hopper dredger supervisory and control systems.
lt is applicable only to the installed components, functions or systems. It covers design, manufactureand modification.
The following referenced documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of theircontent constitutes requirements of this document.For dated references, only the edition cited applies.For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments)applies.
A hopper dredger is a self-propelled dredger with its own integrated hopper hold.
An HD-SCS, according to this document, is a basic system for supervising and controlling the dredgingoperations performed by a hopper dredger utilising sensors,networks,computers, and technologiesconcerning measurement, communication and automation.
An HD-SCS is an integrated SCADA system that can consist of the following subsystems, based on theirfunctions.
a) STPM/STWC: STPM/STWC monitor excavation process. It should involve the monitoring and control of the suction tube, gantry, draghead, winch, swell compensator and other equipment.TheSTPM/STWC includes the suction tube vertical/horizontal angle, visor angle,swell compensatorposition, and valve/gantry state sensors.
b) DSLS: DSLS monitor loading process. It should involve the monitoring and control of overflows,
light mixture overboard valve, loading valve and other equipment. The DSLS includes the dredgerdraught, hopper level, trim/heel, mixture density, mixture flow,overflow position, and valve statesensors.
c)Unloading system: unloading system monitor bottom dumping,rainbow/shore discharging process. It should involve the monitoring and control of the bottom door, split-system pre-dumpingdoor, hopper emptying valve, bow coupling and winch and other equipment.The unloading systemincludes the bottom door position, pre-dumping door position, and hopper emptying valve state.
d) Dredge pump system: the dredge pump system should involve the monitoring and control of the dredge pump, including pump vacuum and pressure, pump speed, and pump power.
e) Jet water system: the jet water system should involve the monitoring and control of the jet pump, hopper jet water valve, and draghead jet water valve. The jet water system includes the jet waterpressure, jet water flow,jet pump speed, jet pump power, hopper jet water valve state, and dragheadjet water valve state sensors.
f) Dredge valve system: dredge valve system construction of mixture channel for dredging operation. lt should involve the monitoring and control of the dredge valve.ISO 20662 pdf download.

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