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ISO 20203-2005 pdf free.Carbonaceous materials used in theproduction of aluminium — Calcinedcoke — Determination of crystallite sizeof calcined petroleum coke by X-raydiffraction.
This lnternational Standard describes a test method for the determination of the mean crystallite height of arepresentative, pulverized sample of calcined petroleum coke by interpretation of an X-ray diffraction patternproduced through conventional X-ray scanning techniques.
lt applies to carbonaceous materials used in the production of aluminium.
Calcined petroleum coke contains crystallites of different heights. This test method covers the determination ofthe average height of all crystallites in the sample by empirical interpretation of the X-ray diffraction pattern.The crystallite diameter(L,) is not determined by this test method.
For the purposes of this document, the following terms, abbreviated terms and definitions apply.
A packed sample pulverized to less than 75 um is subjected to a monochromatic X-ray beam and rotated toproduce a diffraction pattern under specific conditions. The location and shape of the peak with hkl (002) atd=0,335 nm is used to calculate L by manual interpretation of the peak or by computer simulation.X-ray powder diffractometer,equipped with an X-ray source set for Cu-Ka radiation,amonochromator or filter for restricting the wavelength range, a sample holder, a radiation detector, a signalprocessor, and readout (chart or computer memory).The diffractometer shall be capable of rate scanning at1°/min or incrementally step scanning at 0,2°lstep.
Sample holders,as specified by the manufacturer of the diffractometer,that enable packing of apulverized sample of sufficient height to expose a level, smooth surface to the X-ray beam.Briquetting press, capable of generating pressures up to 70 MPa.
Compressible aluminum caps, used as a support for producing a briquetted sample.
Silicon or quartz sample, of reference material quality suitable for calibrating the diffractometer.
NOTE These materials are usually available from national reference organizations e.g. the National Institute ofStandards and Technology in USA.
Use only reagents of recognized analytical grade and only distiled water or water of equivalent purity (see[1.[2]and [3] in the Bibliography).ISO 20203 pdf download.

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