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ISO 19698-2020 pdf free.Sludge recovery, recycling, treatmentand disposal — Beneficial use of biosolids — Land application.
This document provides guidance on the conditions of beneficial use of biosolids produced fromindustrial and municipal sludge and municipal biosolids derived products (e.g. composts, growingmedia)in the production of food and feed crops,energy crops, forestry crops and for the remediation ofdisturbed sites.This document applies to biosolids for land application and includes biosolids from wastewatertreatment (municipal, industrial and private onsite systems).This document does not apply to hazardous sludge that originates from wastewater which, due to itsnature, physical, chemical or infectious properties, is potentially hazardous to human health and/orthe environment during use, handling, storage or transportation and which requires special disposaltechniques to eliminate or reduce the hazard.
This document includes:
– general guidelines for the land application of biosolids and biosolids derived products;
specific guidelines for the land application of biosolids and biosolids derived products for food andfeed crop production and for non-food and non-feed crop production (e.g.horticulture, fibre forbio-mass, silviculture, etc.); and
specific guidelines for the land application of biosolids and biosolids derived products for otherbeneficial uses (e.g. land reclamation or rehabilitation).
There are no normative references in this document.For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
contaminant:biological, chemical, physical, or radiological substance released to the environment from anthropogenicsources which, in sufficient concentration, can adversely affect living organisms through air, water, soil,and/or food
dewatered biosolids:biosolids that have undergone a reduction of the water content to produce paste-like biosolids or solidbiosolids by the use of one or several technologies, usually by natural or mechanical means.Growing plants require a continuous source of nitrogen (N), which is an essential component of proteinsthat build cell material and plant tissue.It is also necessary for other plant functions.
Nitrogen applied to soils in mineral fertilizers, biosolids or other organic amendments is subjected tobiochemical and physical processes which form the nitrogen cycle. lnorganic forms of nitrogen are theavailable forms to plants.All forms of nitrogen can be present in the soil at any point of time, mainlybecause nitrogen readily shifts from one form to another.ISO 19698 pdf download.

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