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ISO 19626-1-2020 pdf free.Processes, data elements and documents in commerce, industryand administration – Trustedcommunication platforms forelectronic documents.
This document defines the requirements about trusted communication in legal, administrative andtechnical considerations. This document shows a TCP system architecture to guarantee trustedcommunication and promote trusted services by providing trusted communication evidence as the proof.This document focuses on TCP at the view of 7th application layer of OSI [Open Systems Interconnection)Reference Model.
The audiences are the policy makers for lT innovation such as dematerialization, legal experts regardingelectronic activities,IT planners for single windows and secure transactions,IT service providersrelated to distributed networking and ledger,trusted system auditors,trusted communicationconcerned parties and so on.There are no normative references in this document.
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
communication statement, declaration, demand, notice or request, including an offer and the acceptance of an offer, thatthe parties are required to make or choose to make in connection with the formation or performance ofa contract
Note 1 to entry: This definition is adapted from UNCITRAL 2007,United Nations Convention on the Use ofElectronic Communications in International Contracts.movement of paper proofs into electronic proofs by the evidential system which can capture theevidence of communications and verify that it is trusted communication (3.21).communication that the parties make by means of electronic documents
Note 1 to entry: This definition is adapted from UNCITRAL 2007,United Nations Convention on the Use ofElectronic Communications in International Contracts.ln the open Internet, to secure paperless communications and works, it is essentially required to fosterthe trust. A trusted communication shall be able to guarantee the equality of paper-based documentsor works and the legality about electronic communications and contracts.
The method of electronic communication is not sufficient to promote paperless communicationsand works. Even though an electronic method transfers electronic documents, its paper copy can bepreferred as a source of evidence during the legal retention period.
At this aspect, UNCITRAL formulates some legislative guidelines to facilitate the use of electroniccommunications in international contracts. It declares the non-differentiation principle about theelectronic and the paper form and then provides the legal requirements of the writing, the signatureand the original form for electronic communication.ISO 19626 pdf download.

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