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ISO 18937-2020 pdf free.Imaging materials—Photographicreflection prints -Methods formeasuring indoor light stability.
1.Scope.This document describes test equipment and procedures for measuring the light stability of colourphotographic reflection prints designed for display, when subjected to a filtered xenon-arc light sourcesimulating daylight through windows at specified temperatures and relative humidity.
This document is applicable to photographic reflection prints,made with analogue and digitalprint processes. The recommended test methods can be applied to both colour and black-and-whitephotographic prints.This test method assesses colour and density change.
2.Normative references.The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document. For dated references,only the edition cited applies. Forundated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
3.Requirements and limitations:This documentspecifies a set of recommended test methods with associated requirements for permittedreporting.Data from these tests shall not be used to make life expectancy claims, such as time-basedprint lifetime claims, either comparative or absolute.Conversion of data obtained from these methodsfor the purpose of making public statements regarding product life shall be in accordance with theapplicable documents for specification of print life.The test methods in this document may be useful as stand-alone test methods for the absolute orcomparative stability of image materials with respect to colour fading or measurement of physicalproperties.Caution shall be used when comparing test results for different materials.Comparisons shallbe limited to test cases using test apparatus with matching specifications and matching test conditions.No accelerated laboratory exposure test can be specified as a total simulation of actual use conditions.Results obtained from these laboratory accelerated exposures can be considered as representative ofactual use exposures only when the correlation has been established for the specific materials beingtested and when the type of degradation is the same.The relative durability of materials in actual useconditions can be very different in different locations because of differences in radiant energy (both inspectral irradiance and intensity), relative humidity, temperature, pollutants such as ozone, and otherfactors.
Print image stability results from this test method, especially in terms of the amount of accelerationand/or correlation to end-use service life, that are determined for one printer model, software settings,colourant, and media combination should not be applicable to another printer model, software settings,colourant, and media combination.ISO 18937 pdf download.

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