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ISO 1880-79 pdf free.lnstruments for the measurement of surface roughness bythe profile method — Contact (stylus) instruments of progressive profile transformation — Profile recording instruments.
1.Scope and field of application:
This International Standard relates to contact profile recordinginstruments used for the measurement of surface roughness. Itspecifies
the basic terms, definitions and symbols relating to pro-file recording instruments;the main parameters of these instruments and theirnumerical values;the standards of accuracy for profile recording instruments (admissible values for errors of vertical andhorizontal magnifications, deviations of the tip radius of thestylus and stylus angle).
Calibration methods are given in the annex.
ISO/R 468,Surface roughness.
ISO 1878,Classification of instruments and devices formeasurement and evaluation of the geometrical parameters ofsurface finish.
ISO 1879,lnstruments for the measurement of surfaceroughness by the profile method Vocabulary.
3.Terms and definitions:
Definitions of the terms “surface roughness”and “irregularities” used in this International Standard are given in.ISO/R 468.
Definitions of the terms”instrument for the measurement ofsurface roughness by the profile method” and “contact (stylus)instrument of progressive transformation of a profile” are givenin lSo 1879.
3.1profile recording instrument : An instrument recording the coordinates of the profile of the surface.
3.2vertical magnification of a profile recording instr-ment .(V) : The scale of transformation of the profile coor-dinates, by the profile recording instrument, in the direction ofstylus displacement normal to the surface.
The most convenient method is to use a balance dependent onelastic deflection. The balance may comprise a stiff elasticmember of which the very small deflection is determined optically or electrically, or it may have the form of a spring or torsion balance.
Alternatively,with care a gravitational balance (for examplechemical balance) can be used.A platform convenient forreceiving the stylus is placed on one pan and counterbalancedby weights in the other. The pick-up is then mounted ad-justably in height over the platform with the stylus resting on it,and weights are added to the other pan to represent the stylusforce. Adjustment is made of height and weight until thesystem comes to rest with the stylus and balance simultaneously in their mean positions.The weight may then be increased ordecreased, and the rate found from the change in level of thestulus.ISO 1880 pdf download.

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