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ISO 18662-2-2020 pdf free.Traditional Chinese medicine—Vocabulary — Processing of Chinese Materia Medica.
This document defines terms for the theory, technology and methods of Chinese Materia Medicaprocessing. It is not applicable to Kampo medicine.
There are no normative references in this document.
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
discipline of Chinese Materia Medica:branch of knowledge which incorporates the basic theories, sources,origins,collection, processing,properties,functions and clinical application of Chinese Materia Medica under the guidance oftraditional Chinese medicine theories
discipline of Chinese Materia Medica processing:subject that studies the theories, procedure, specifications, quality standards, history and current stateof Chinese Materia Medica processing.
Chinese Materia Medica:medicinal parts of medicinal plants, animals, and minerals after preliminary processing, which areused as raw materials in Chinese medicines
Note 1 to entry: This includes the raw materials used to make decoction pieces.
Note 2 to entry: Preliminary processing can include washing and drying.Large and bulky items can also be cutinto smaller pieces or shorter lengths.
[SOURCE: ISO 18668-1:2016,3.2, modified — Note 2 to entry added.]
decoction pieces :prescription medicines processed from Chinese Materia Medica under the direction of traditionalChinese medicine and processing methods for Chinese medicines
Note 1 to entry: They can be directly used in clinical practice or for the production of prepared medicines.[SOURCE: ISO 18668-1:2016,3.3, modified.]
Chinese Materia Medica nature:therapeutic properties of a Chinese Materia Medica item.
Chinese Materia Medica processing:physical or chemical technique of converting Chinese Materia Medica into decoction pieces based onthe theory of pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine, the nature of Chinese Materia Medica, andthe need for dispensing, preparation and clinical application
adjuvants:additives added during the processing of Chinese Materia Medica
Note 1 to entry: Adjuvants are included, for example, to enhance therapeutic effect, educe toxicity, relieve sideeffects, adjust medicine properties and affect physicochemical properties.sweet taste:taste of sugar which has the functions of tonifying and replenishing, harmonizing the middle energizer,adjusting the medical properties, releasing spasms and relieving pain.ISO 18662 pdf download.

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