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ISO 13385-1-2019 pdf free.Geometrical product specifications(GPS) —Dimensional measuring.
The metrological characteristics and associated maximum permissible error (MPE) values apply to any indicationspermitted for use of the calliper as defined by the manufacturer and when used in accordance with the manufacturer’srecommendations. The MPE values cannot be smaller than the digital step or the scale interval on the circular scale orvernier scale.
The manufacturer shall state any rated operating conditions that apply to the MPE values. All MPE values apply at arated operating condition for a temperature of 20 °C exactly, unless otherwise stated.Test values shall therefore becorrected to 20 °Cto obtain the error of indication that the calliper would have produced had the test been performedat 20 °C.If temperature correction to 20 °C is not performed, this document allows the consequences to be includedin the evaluation of the measurement uncertainty (see 6.2).
A calliper is a manually operated measuring instrument, and the user of the calliper is therefore necessarily includedin the measuring system that is specified in accordance with this document.The user shall be reasonably skilled in theoperation of the calliper.
Callipers with a digital display or a circular scale shal have an adjustable zero point. Callipers with a digital displayshall be able to be set to zero in any position within the measuring range; callipers with a circular scale shall be ableto be set to zero within the range of the circular scale.
For callipers with an adjustable zero point, the metrological characteristics described in this document apply whenthe measuring faces for external measurements are properly brought into contact for zero setting, and therefore thereference point is considered fixed at this point when evaluating the metrological characteristics.
For callipers without an adjustable zero point, there can be an error when the external measuring faces are broughtinto contact with each other. This error shall be included in the evaluation of the metrological characteristics withoutapplying any correction for it.
The errors of indication shall be tested with suitable instruments or measurement standards with an appropriatemeasurement uncertainty , for example with gauge blocks according to ISO 3650, step gauges or setting ring gauges.When testing conformity to specification, sufficient testing shall be used to establish confidence in the results.
For acceptance testing,the customer is free to choose the test points;however,unless otherwise specified, theacceptance testing shall conform to the requirements in this document.
When considering test points, appropriate consideration shall be given to the calliper design and operating conditionsthat might indicate the presence of short length cyclic or local errors. For callipers with circular scales or vernierscales,the chosen test points shall cover the range of the circular or vernier scale.For example, for callipers withcircular scales, test points shall be chosen that orient the pointer at various angles within the circular scale.The partial surface contact error is the error of indication when partial measuring face contact is employed to measurea measurement standard using the external measuring faces. ISO 13385 pdf download.

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