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ISO 1130-1975 pdf free.Textile fibres — Some methods of sampling for testing.
This International Standard specifies several methods forpreparing laboratory samples of fibres,and presents alimited treatment of the problem of drawing specimens fortesting.The field of application of each method is given at thebeginning of the clause dealing with the method.
lt is not possible for the coverage of each individualprocedure to be fully comprehensive; in many instances,the selection of test samples or test specimens mustnecessarily be covered by the appropriate method of test.The selection of length-biased samples is not within thescope of this International Standard,nor are particularrequirements relating to the determination of commercialweights.
An annex and tables are given in this International Standardfor general guidance in determining the size of the testsample to be taken in order that the determined samplemean shall have given confidence limits.
For thepurposes of this International Standard thefollowing general definitions apply. Definitions particularto different types of fibres will be found in the appropriateclause.individual : Any single fibre that might be taken forthe purpose of measurement.population : The aggregrate of individuals that it isdesired to characterize in one or more particulars (forexample : fibres contained in a bale of cotton; all theconstituent fibres in a set of yarn cops).
zoning : When the population to be sampled is knownto vary from part to part with respect to the property to beinvestigated, the individuals or groups of individuals in thepopuiation are taken at random from within the differentparts or zones,chosen so that all variations of the propertyare represented in due proportion.This operation is knownas zoning.laboratorysample : Asample intended to berepresentative of a large bulk of material,in the state inwhich it is sent to the laboratory. A convenient size ofsample for many types of test involving only small testspecimens is about 25 to 50 g; a larger amount will berequired for tests involving relatively large test specimens.ISO 1130 pdf download.

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