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ISO 10968-2020 pdf free.Earth-moving machinery — Operator’s controls.
This document specifies requirements and guidelines for the operator’s controls on earth-movingmachinery as defined in IlSO 6165, in as far as those controls relate to any direct-control machine.Therecommendations given for finger-, hand- and foot-operated controls are not intended to prevent usageof other types of controls, control locations or control movements. This document is not applicable todevices which are not directly related to machine control.
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document. For dated references,only the edition cited applies.Forundated references, the latest edition of the referenced document(including any amendments) applies.ISO 3411,Earth-moving machinery — Physical dimensions of operators and minimum operator spaceenvelope
ISO 3450,Earth-moving machinery — Wheeled or high-speed rubber-tracked machines — Performancerequirements and test procedures for brake systems
ISO 5010,Earth-moving machinery – Wheeled machines — Steering requirements
ISO 6405-1,Earth-moving machinery — Symbols for operator controls and other displays — Part 1:Common symbols
ISO 6405-2,Earth-moving machinery — Symbols for operator controls and other displays — Part 2:Symbols for specific machines, equipment and accessories
ISO 10265,Earth-moving machinery — Crawler machines – Performance requirements and testprocedures for braking systems
ISO 17063,Earth-moving machinery—Braking systems of pedestrian-controlled machines —Performancerequirements and test procedures
base machine:machine with a cab or canopy and operator protective structures if required, without equipment (3.6)or attachments (3.7) but possessing the necessary mountings for such equipment and attachments [SOURCE: ISO 6746-2:2003,3.3]
equipment:set of components mounted onto the base machine (3.5) which allows an attachment (3.7) to perform the primary design function of the machine [SOURCE: ISO 6746-2:2003,3.4]
attachment:assembly of components that can be mounted onto the base machine (3.5) or equipment (3.6) forspecific use [SOURCE:ISO 6746-2:2003,3.5]
proportional control control (3.1) that allows continuously variable or modulated machine response (3.4)3.9
remote operator control operator control (3.1) of a machine by wireless or wired transmission of signals from a remote controlbox not located on the machine to a receiving unit located on the machine.ISO 10968 pdf download.

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