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EN ISO 3303-1-2020 pdf free.Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics — Determination ofbursting strength.
This document specifies a method for the determination of the bursting strength of rubber or plasticscoated fabrics, using a mechanically operated steel ball.The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document. For dated references,only the edition cited applies. Forundated references, the latestedition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.ISO 2231:1989, Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics — Standard atmospheres for conditioning and testingISO 7500-1:2018,Metallic materials —Calibration and verification of static uniaxial testing machines —Part 1:Tension/compression testing machines —Calibration and verification of the force-measuring system.A test piece is securely clamped between rigid coaxial apertures. A polished steel ball traversing at afixed speed is pressed against the test piece until failure occurs.The force required to cause failure andthe displacement of the polished steel ball at failure are recorded.
Testing machine, power driven, equipped with an electronic force measurement system and anelectronic crosshead displacement monitor. The drive system shall be capable of maintaining constantthe speed of the moving head to ±10 % of the set value.The force measurement system shall be capableof measuring the relevant forces occurring during the test within class 2 of iso 7500-1:2018. Thecrosshead displacement monitor shall be capable of measuring the relevant displacements under load towithin ±1,0 mm.
Bursting attachment (see Figure 1), such that the test piece is held securely by a ring mechanismof internal diameter 45,0 mm± 0,5 mm, with the centre of the test piece pressed against a polished steelball of diameter 25,20 mm ± 0,02 mm until the test piece ruptures.The direction of motion of the ring-clamp or steel ball shall be at right angles to the plane of the fabric.The clamping surfaces of the upperand lower clamps shall be grooved concentrically such that the crowns of the grooves of one plate fit thegrooves of the other. The grooves shall be not less than 0,8 mm apart and not less than 0,15 mm deep.The grooves shall start no further than 3 mm from the edge of the aperture and shall be rounded to aradius of not greater than 0,4 mm. The lower inner edge of the upper clamp and the upper inner edge ofthe lower clamp shall be rounded off to a radius of 0,5 mm.An alternative ball size of 38,00 mm± 0,02 mm may be used, but the results might not be comparable.EN ISO 3303 pdf download.

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