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BS ISO 22059:2020 pdf free.Guidelines on consumer warranties/guarantees.
This document specifies the form and content of warranties/guarantees that a manufacturer and/orsupplier can use to address reasonable expectations of products by consumers.
This document is applicable to transactions between businesses and consumers of new and usedproducts, including online transactions. This document is also applicable to products associated withservices to complete a transaction (such as,buying clothes that need alteration).
There are no normative references in this document.For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
business:undertaking carried out for profit in the course of which products are acquired or supplied whether ata price or otherwise.
consumer:individual member of the general public purchasing or using property,products or services forprivate purposes [SOURCE: ISO 26000:2010,2.2] consumer product:product (3.8), including digital content (3.4), designed and produced primarily for, but not limited to,personal use, including its components, parts, accessories, instructions, packaging and labelling [SOURCE: ISO 10377:2013,2.2, modified – addition of ‘including digital content’.]
data which are produced and supplied to a consumer in digital form
limitation of liability:terms in a warranty/guarantee(3.15) by which a manufacturer(3.6) or supplier (3.13) seeks to excludeor limit all or some of their liabilities.
A manufacturer and/or supplier shall make available the product for inspection to the consumer at thepoint of supply before the product is supplied.Inspection by the consumer does not bar the consumer’sright to enforce the warranty/guarantee and any statutory remedies.
A manufacturer of products is bound by the express warranty/guarantee supplied to a consumer.An ‘express warranty/guarantee’in relation to a product means an undertaking, assertion orrepresentation in relation to:
a) the safety, performance and durability or characteristics of the product,
b) the provision of services that are, or may at any time be, required in respect of the product,c)the supply of parts that are, or may at any time be, required for the product,
d) future availability of a similar product, or of a product constituting or forming part of a set of which the product is included under the assertion or representation given, or
e)the return of money or other consideration should the product not meet any undertaking by the manufacturer,
f)compliance with the express warranty/guarantee by a manufacturer that does not exempt/excusethe manufacturer from conforming to the statutory warranties/guarantees under the relevantlaws.BS/ISO 22059 pdf download.

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