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BS ISO 20205:2015 pdf free.Space data and informationtransfer systems — SpacecraftOnboard lnterface Systems—Low Data-Rate Wireless Communications for SpacecraftMonitoring and Control.
This document presents the recommended practices for the utilization of low data-ratewireless communication technologies in support of spacecraft ground testing and flightmonitoring and control applications.Relevant technical background information can befound in reference [3].
The recommended practices contained in this document enable member agencies to select thebest option(s) available for interoperable wireless communications in the support ofspacecraft monitoring and control applications.The specification of a RecommendedPractice facilitates interoperable communications and forms the foundation for cross-supportof communication systems between separate member space agencies.
This Recommended Practice is targeted towards monitoring and control systems,typicallylow data-rate and low-power wireless-based applications.
This Recommended Practice specifies protocols (including at least the Physical [PHY] layerand Medium Access Control [MAC] sublayer of the Open Systems Interconnection [OSIModel—see reference[Fl]) that enable a basic interoperable wireless communication systemto support low data-rate spacecraft monitoring and control applications.
From an engineering standpoint, mission managers, along with engineers and developers, arefaced with a plethora of wireless communication choices,both standards-based andproprietary. This Recommended Practice provides guidance in the selection of systemsnecessary to achieve interoperable communications in support of wireless,low data-ratemonitoring and control.
This document is composed from a top-down (technology) perspective,first defining thetechnology as a recommended practice, then providing informative material supporting specificapplication profiles. (For more information on space mission use cases addressed by wirelesstechnologies, see reference [3]).
Section 2 provides an informational overview of the rationale and benefits of spacecraftonboard wireless technologies for use in spacecraft monitoring and control operations.
Section 3 provides recommended practices and applicable standards relating to low data-ratewireless communication systems.
Annex A justifies the choice of an alternative, scheduled medium access scheme.Annex B discusses security considerations related to the specifications in this document.Annex C provides an informative description of the recommended practices,through anoverview of the technologies, and a set of application profiles where the recommendationsare applicable.
Annex D provides justification for selection of the 2.4 GHz band.
Annex Elists abbreviations used in this document along with their expanded forms.Annex F provides a list of informative references.BS ISO 20205 pdf download.

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