BS EN ISO 13769:2018 pdf free

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BS EN ISO 13769:2018 pdf free.Gas cylinders – Stamp marking.
1.Scope:This document specifies stamp marking of transportable gas cylinders of volumes greater than 0,12 1and up to or equal to 150 l and tubes of volumes up to or equal to 3 000 1, including:steel and aluminium-alloy gas cylinders;composite gas cylinders;
acetylene cylinders;liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders (see Annex A); andsmall cylinders (see Annex B).Unless noted by exception, the use of”cylinder” in this document refers to the above types of cylinders.Non-refillable cylinders are addressed by this standard.
2.Normative references:The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document. For dated references,only the edition cited applies. Forundated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.ISO 10286,Gas cylinders — Terminology
ISO.11114-1,Gas cylinders Compatibility of cylinder and valve materials with gas contents — Part 1:Metallic materials
The stamp markings listed in Table 1 shall be applied legibly so that the integrity of the cylinder isunaffected, e.g.either on a reinforced part of the cylinder or on a permanent attachment. Hard metalstampings shall not be applied to the cylindrical part of the cylinder(unless applied by the manufactureras part of the manufacturing process).
For refillable metal and composite cylinders, the stamp markings shall be applied permanently.Certain information (see ‘Table 1) may be applied durably to the cylinder (e.g. by stencilling, labelling.using a ring).
For cylinders with a diameter less than 51 mm, the stamp marking may also be applied eitherpermanently or durably with a fixed label or other suitable method on the cylindrical part. However,a hard metal stamping procedure shall not be used if it results in an unacceptable cycle and burstperformance.
The depth (when applicable) of the characters in the stamp marking applied by any method shall besuch that they are legible and durable under all operating conditions.
The stamp marking tools used (when applicable) shall have such radii as are necessary to preventthe formation of sharp notches.The radius of the stamp marking tool should not be less than 0,2 mm.Different values may be used, but it shall be demonstrated by fatigue and burst tests in accordance withthe design standard or equivalent that a failure does not initiate in the markings.
For welded cylinders, some stamp markings appear on a welded identity plate or on another partpermanently attached to the cylinder and thus are not subject to gas pressure.
For composite cylinders, permanent markings can be achieved by use of a printed label encapsulatedeither by placing it under the resin or by covering it with a permanent transparent coating on theshoulder or the side wall of the cylinder (see 4.3].
Except for the “UN”mark, the characters in the stamp markings shall be at least 5 mm in height.This height may be reduced on cylinders with an outside diameter less than 140 mm except for smallcylinders, whose requirements are shown in B.1.1.In no case shall the characters be less than 2,5 mmin height. The minimum size of the”UN” mark shall be 10 mm for cylinders with diameters greater thanor equal to 140 mm and 5 mm for cylinders with diameters less than 140 mm.BS EN ISO 13769 pdf download.

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