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BS EN ISO 13385-1:2011 pdf free.Geometrical productspecifications (GPS)—Dimensional measuringequipment.
1.Scope:This part of ISO 13385 provides the most important design and metrological characteristics of callipers with analogue indication: vernier scale or circular scale (dial), and with digital indication: digital display.
2.Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document.For datedreferences,only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenceddocument (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 14253-1,Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS)- Inspection by measurement of workpieces andmeasuring equipment – Part 1: Decision rules for proving conformance or non-conformance withspecifications
ISO 14253-2:2011,Geometrical product specifications (GPS)– Inspection by measurement of workpiecesand measuring equipment– Part 2: Guidance for the estimation of uncertainty in GPS measuremient,incalibration of measuring equipment and in product verification
ISO 14978:2006,Geometrical product specifications (GPS)-General concepts and requirements for GPsmeasuring equipment
IEC 60529,Degrees of protection by enclosures (IP Code)
ISO/IEC Guide 98-3,Uncertainty of measurement – Part 3: Guide to the expression of uncertainty inmeasurement (GUM:1995)
ISO/IEC Guide 99, International vocabulary of metrology — Basic and general concepts and associated terms(VIM)
3.Terms and definitions:For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in lS0 14978,ISO/IEC Guide 99,and thefollowing apply.
3.1.calliper:measuring instrument which gives the evaluation of a dimensional quantity of an internal or external feature onthe basis of the movement of a slider with a measuring jaw, moving relative to a measuring scale on a rigidbeam and a fixed jaw See Figures 1 and 2.
NOTE 1 Callipers with an additional measuring face at the end of the beam and a depth measuring rod are used fordepth measurements (see Figure 1).
NOTE 2 The indication may be either analogue (vernier), circular scale or digital. Regarding digital data transfer, see4.3.3.
NOTE 3 See Annex C for examples of different types of callipers.
NOTE4See Annex D for examples of several types of measurements.
3.2.measuring face contact:contact between the measuring face and a feature of a workpiece.
3.2.1.full measuring face contact:contact between the full area of the measuring face and a feature of a workpiece.
3.2.2.partial measuring face contact:contact between a partial area of the measuring face and a feature of a workpiece.BS EN ISO 13385 pdf download.

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