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BS EN 4835:2018 pdf free.Aerospace series – Installation and removal requirements for Ring locked fitting and reducer,24° Cone up to 35 000 kPa (5 080 psi) – Inch Series.
BS EN 4835 This European Standard specifies the installation and removal requirements for adaptors andreducers, threaded, with lockring for pipe couplings 24° according to EN 4833 and EN 4836.
This standard establishes an accurate procedure of adaptor installation, removal and reinstallation toensure the repeatability of the installation operation and to ensure the effective compliance to sealingand locking requirements.
The adaptor shown on all Figures of this standard is given as an example for the 24° internal coneinterface according to EN 6123.
This procedure is used for adaptors 24 °, for nominal pressure up to 35 000 kPa (5 080 psi).2Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their contentconstitutes requirements of this document. For dated references,only the edition cited applies. Forundated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments)applies.
EN 2435-001,Aerospace series —Paints and varnishes —Corrosion resistant chromated two componentcold curing primer – Part 001: Minimum requirements
EN 4833,Aerospace series — Pipe coupling 24°Cone up to 35 000 kPa (5 080 psi) Ring-locked fitting 一Flared End— Inch Series — with Extra Fine Thread Pitch1)
EN 4834,Aerospace series —Adaptor, Pipe coupling 24°Cone up to 35 000 kPa (5 080 psi) Port for Ringlocked fitting — Inch Series — Geometric configuration1)
EN 4836,Aerospace series — Adaptor,Pipe coupling 24°Cone up to 35 000 kPa (5 080 psi) Ring-lockedfitting Reducer —Flared End — with Extra Fine Thread Pitch – Inch Series1)
EN 6123,Aerospace series —Fitting end, 24° internal cone, external thread, flareless type —Extra finethread pitch —Inch series — Design standard
ISO 3161,Aerospace — UN] threads — General requirements and limit dimensions
IS0 16031-1,Aerospace fluid systems — O-rings,inch series: Inside diameters and cross sections,tolerances and size-identification codes — Part 1: Close tolerances for hydraulic systems
AS8879,Screw threads —UN] profile, inch controlled radius root with increased minor diameter.
The lockring is driven into the mating port serrations after the fitting assembly or fitting reducerassembly have been torqued. This prevents the fitting assembly from rotating in the port duringcoupling nut assembly and disassembly and also eliminates the necessity of lock wiring the fitting.Only one wrench is required to install or remove coupling nut.
Seal is metal to metal with O-ring size according to Table 1. O-ring material compound shall beselected and specified by the using design activity and shall be selected based upon suitabilitywith fluid type and temperature range.BS EN 4835 pdf download.

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