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BS EN 12274-2:2018 pdf free.Slurry surfacing – Test methods Determination of residual binder content including preparation of samples.
BS EN 12274-2 This European Standard specifies test methods for determining the residual binder content of samplesof slurry surfacing mixtures.
This document describes the method for preparing the specimens and for removing water from thesamples before carrying out the extraction test.
The method described in this European Standard needs to be used only to determine the quantity ofbinder and not to investigate its quality.
This European Standard applies to slurry surfacing to be used in surface layers for roads, airfields andother trafficked areas.
The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively referenced in this document and areindispensable for its application. For dated references,only the edition cited applies. For undatedreferences, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
EN 12274-1,Slurry surfacing —Test methods — Part 1:Sampling for binder extraction
EN 12697-1:2012, Bituminous mixtures —Test methods for hot mix asphalt—Part 1:Soluble binder contentEN 12697-3,Bituminous mixtures —Test methods for hot mix asphalt — Part 3: Bitumen recovery:Rotary evaporator
EN 12697-4, Bituminous mixtures —Test methods —Part 4: Bitumen recovery: Fractionating columnEN 12697-39, Bituminous mixtures —Test methods for hot mixasphalt —Part 39: Binder content by ignition.
Water is removed from the sample by oven-drying or by collection during the solvent extraction process.The soluble binder content of the sample is determined in accordance with EN 12697-1:2012,Clause 5.Binder content by non-extractive method such as ignition (e.g.according to EN 12697-39) can be usedprovided a correlation has been demonstrated.
In case of dispute, EN 12697-1:2012,Clause 5 shall be used.
Binder extraction apparatus shall conform to the requirements of EN 12697-1:2012,Annex B, oralternative methods: EN 12697-39 provided a correlation has been demonstrated.
There is also provision in EN 12697-1:2012 for the use of the equipment specified in EN 12697-3 orEN 12697-4 for the case of binder quantity by total recovery.
1) The samples of slurry surfacing mixture shall be taken from the slurry surfacing machine in accordance with EN 12274-1.
2)Transfer the sample from the sampling container to a tray large enough to contain all of the sample when it is broken into small pieces. Break the sample into small pieces of such a size that the watercan readily evaporate.
NOTE ln order to remove the entire contents from the sampling container, it is often useful to cut the sides ofthe container open to regain all the binder.
3) Place the broken pieces of the sample in a thin layer on a tray in an oven at a temperature of between 110 and 170 ± 5°C, until constant mass.For a temperature of (110 ±5)°C, constant mass is deemedto be achieved when the difference between successive weightings at least at 60 min intervals doesnot exceed 0,1 % of the mass.BS EN 12274-2 pdf download.

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