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BS EN 2591-403:2018 pdf free.Aerospace series – Elements of electricaland optical connection – Test methods Sinusoidal and random vibration.
BS EN 2591-403 The vibration test shall be performed in accordance with 8.1,Method 2 of EN 60068-2-64.Initial, andfinal response investigations are not required. The vibration magnitude shall be monitored as near as possible to the specimen fixing points to confirmcompliance with the specified vibration curve at all measuring points.The specimens shall be vibrated in each of the three axes perpendicular between them, one axis beingparallel to the coupling axis.Unless otherwise specified measurements to EN 2591-204(Method B) shall be carried out on contactsand (if applicable) the shielding connection.
No discontinuity higher or equal to 1 us shall be observed. Discontinuities lower than 1 us are admissibleprovided their repetition rate does not exceed 1 Hz. The test severity is given by a combination of spectral shape, spectral density, duration and temperature.6.5.3 Spectral shape and density
See Figure 2 and Table 1 or Figure 3 and Table 2.
The specimens shall be subjected to the specified vibrationlevel for8 min,15 min,1,5 h or8 h as specifiedin the technical specification for each of the three axes.Each sample pair consists of a flange mounted receptacle with a minimum of 1 000 mm of cable and afree plug with a minimum of 1 000 mm of cable.The harness shall be “open wire” construction.
The coupling torque of the connectors is defined in the relevant technical specification.The cables shall be clipped using clips selected to suit the harness bundle.The clipping bracket and first clipping position shall be 250 mm from the connector test bracket andmounted free of the vibration assembly.
The bracket shall be 50 mm x50 mm L section, 6 mm thick. The weight of the bracket shall be lessthan 1 kg.
The connector shall not have any discontinuities during the test.Connectors shall not uncouple to any degree during the test.
When the connectors are uncoupled for internal visual examination, care shall be taken to avoid thedisplacement of any dust, deposits or particles that may be present on the seal, contacts or adjacentinterface areas.There shall be no loose particles or debris.
When dismantled, the connector pins and sockets shall show no signs of excessive chafing i.e.the contactparent metal shall not be exposed in any areas,contact profiles (not including the crimp zone) shallremain concentric and regular, and the contacts shall not be coated in any deposits.
The interfacial seal shall be undamaged and there shall be no visible gaps between the pin contact andthe interfacial seal.BS EN 2591-403 pdf download.

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